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+Sharif Sakr presents the Engadget review of Samsung's Galaxy S III. So how does the quad-core beast stack up?

It's a strange feeling, receiving such a keenly anticipated phone to review. The hubbub of launch events, hands-on previews and heated debates suddenly dies away, leaving you with one small and intensely silent cardboard box. In this instance, the packaging contained the "marble white" version of the Galaxy S III (not the more daring "pebble blue") alongside one burning question: apart from all the hype, do this handset's paper credentials translate into a product that is worthy of serious cash and a 24-month commitment?

Those credentials are certainly more subtle than those of other recent devices. There's no unusual camera, stand-out display or unibody build. Instead, we get an abstract design statement about the phone being "inspired by nature" alongside a list of incremental hardware improvements such as a quad-core processor, as well as fresh additions to Samsung's customized Android 4.0 skin. As it turns out, these specs forgo immediate swagger in favor of creating a solid workhorse of a smartphone that is intent on attracting a long-term following. Read on and you'll discover just how it pulls that off.
More Info Samsung Galaxy S III is official: 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, quad-core Exynos processor
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I came to the same conclusion. One X seems to be a better overall package. Specs similar but Sense 4.0 seems to remain truer to ICS than Touchwiz.
I do think its overpriced but also wireless companies need to scrap two year agreements and go for one year.... who keeps a phone for even a year now a days. Predecessor versions of phones come out sometimes less than a year apart from originals
Sooo, who's gonna carry it in the US? My contract is up in January and I would like to leave Verizon.
I read all four major carries somewhat confirmed to get the sIII (att, Verizon, sprint, and t-mobile) ... why u wanna leave verizon bob decker?
Sid B
Removable battery and a MicorSD slot--Give me SGS3 over One X any day.
The One X all day everyday. Superior screen, user experience, and much superior looks.
It's frustrating Samsung went with TouchWiz! I can't stand it so this is sadly the only deal breaker on a phone I was certain I was going to buy. :'(
No kidding. For me, Touchwiz is terrible compared to Sense. I had the Galaxy SII for a year and while it was a great phone, Touchwiz was frustrating. Much better user experience with Sense
I love HTC One X, but I, definetily, prefer SGSIII. Greetings! ;-)
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