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Say hello to Sony's first #ultrabook , the VAIO T13
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+Robert Graham - that's for the low-spec version. Double that to get one with a resolution from this decade.
Wasn't there talk that the ultrabooks are meant to be competition to the iPads and such? I like this strategy of beating your competition by pricing your products twice as much as the competition. Makes total sense!
+Aqiul Colombowala not iPad, Macbook. but Macbook is pretty cheap for its specs already, and Sony doesn't really do cheap products anyway.
That looks fresh from 1998!
It's not their first ultrabook! I remember some very thin VAIOs some years ago..
Sony invented the ultra book. Not apple... Yet people seem to forget Sony was one of the first with super thin and light notebooks well before the technology was there.
No its not. It's about best, but somehow many people including some tech reviews are saying apple invented the ultrabook. They did not. They polished it and made it somewhat affordable.
Here we go. Apple dumbed down thin and light notebooks how?
+Ani Mehta I would not say they dumbed it down. It can do almost everything a windows pc can do. (some software will never be made for mac).. So for some people its a great buy. Yeah I hate apple too. But a fact is a fact.
I meant price-wise, and gave it a very simplistic design that I hate. Sorry for the confusion :)+Don russ Can it? Lots of software, and especially lots of games are never released on OS X.
Simply turn it into a multi-boot system with Boot Camp or Parallels and you're golden. 
And are paying $1K for hardware that could have been yours for $.5K? Macs are not really meant to use boot camp. They just become overpriced POSs like that, with a very Applish design :)
Show me a $500 ultrabook that compares to the Air.
I was talking hardware, not design and slimness. Still want to see? I can show you one for $.4K
I'm not saying you can't get cheaper laptops with similar hardware. We were talking ultrabooks here. My above offer stands - Show me a comparable ultrabook that's half the price of an Air. 
:) At least they cost you less, have better hardware, and you don't have to buy Windows ;)
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