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The Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius will be running in the Olympics for South Africa in the 400m and the 4x400m
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That is part of the debate. The fact that he doesn't have real legs the stress his feet would endure is all in the prosthetic's.  Or he doesn't need to burn as much energy to travel the same distance.  All in all, I think it's negligible over what he has overcome to make it this far.  THAT in itself is the spirit of the Olympic's and is what he should be known for.  I just hope he doesn't suffer a mishap of mechanical failure during the race. It would be so tragic :(
Would a mechanical failure be any more or less tragic that another athlete snapping a muscle/tendon during a race?
Well it would at least be less painful. However, I suppose that part could puncture the guy when he falls or worse, fly off and injure another athlete!  
Don't get me wrong guys, I fully support him going to Olympics.  I am just pointing out why there was a debate.
+Conor Murphy Yeah, he has half the muscles to do the same work.  But on the same hand he has half the muscles to burn energy to complete the same amount of work. 

Regardless, he has to be nothing short of spectacular to even qualify.  I'm no slouch, but I couldn't qualify to go to the Olympics!
Poor little tink tink
What are those? "My legs are augmented"
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