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We'll be the first to admit that we were a little disappointed when yesterday's 'special announcement' turned into a bit of a Coca-Cola
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Is a shame that in Europe they still living in the 1800's
+David Martins You realize you can sync your playlists into Spotify's cache on the mobile while you're on a wi-fi connection, right? Theoretically you'd never need to let Spotify use mobile data at all.
If you have all the music you are interested in anyway in your iTunes, I fail to see the point of Spotify regardless of whether you have connection or not. The entire argument for Spotify vs. buying individual albums or tracks is access to hundreds of thousands of tracks to be swapped in and out at will. If you already have all you want/need, there is no point with Spotify at all.
Looks good, but still need some improvements here and there...
The widget need to get back, they need to take a look at the back stack and most importantly, they should allow orientation changes and most importantly it really needs a tablet UI...

Keep it up!
JUNK! still no landscape mode! what is going on over there?
This app need a widget and on the notification bar a widget aswell to forward the song or stop like google music
there is a notification if you turn off the device and turn it back on on lockscreen
Does it finally support 320Kbps streaming
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