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Y u no be proud of being linux user.... linux kernel needs a community, not sects!!!
It disappointing that they never fix a bug with the gnome classic desktop whee the menu bar (Application and Place) is gray out, and the bottom panel displaying open windows list colour don't fit with system UI, so I score it a C-.
I don't mean to say that I don't like Ubuntu in fact I recommended it to my brother (who is currently using it). I simply mean to say that I don't feel the WOW factor that most Ubuntu users are feeling.
Ari R
+Caleb La Grange you got to realize and define what is your WOW factor. For some it might be the User Experience over all, running multiple applications including a media server and not crashing, for some it could even be the sheer plethora of multi-tasking successfully and yet not slowing down a machine, for some it could just do everything the PAID operating systems do, in almost/or more secured manner.... The biggest WOW factor to me is the fact that if you really think and find a bug/requirement/solution, go ahead develop it and share it with the community, which then gets distributed across the million users. Being openly collaborative does help for the larger good!
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