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Apple is reportedly close to buying Beats for $3.2 billion
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They're shaking out the Cupertino couch cushions as we speak.
Why?? Just give me a couple billion and I promise to make something better! 😀
With names like Nike and Beats this closely associated to Apple, this will be a marketing gold mine. 
Maybe those Earpods will finally sound better!
Great, two overpriced products from one company... perfect match!

I just wonder what this would mean for Beats Music.
Makes sense, they are both form over functions companies. 
I feel like I wasted my money on my pair now. Dang. 
That is such an Apple thing to do. Lol How stupid.
A product with a huge markup based on cool factor despite mediocre performance? Seems a perfect fit for Apple.  :0)
apple is crappy and beats are crappy... perfect match
Rob Go
Hype headphones are hype.
They should buy Sennheiser or AKG but Beats....pffffff.
Hmm apparently Beats bs marketing actually worked on SOMEONE.
Beats sucks balls but they have a large user base. 
This is a joke apple wouldn't bother with buying a headphone company.
Beats headphones are just a Fashion Statement....just like iPhones.....
Beats also has a great music streaming service, which I'm guessing is what Apple wants
Glad to see apple is now paying for overpriced junk. 
And then sue everybody that uses them.

One day Android Fangirls will get new jokes. Ones that aren't stupid and filled with ignorance and butthurt. But don't worry. I know that it won't be you. You guys are far too slow. It'll be your grand kids. That's right. No hope for your children either. 
I think its a hoax. Don't think beats has anything that will improve apple's hardware/ software. 
Beats are for those looking for an fashion accessory, not real audio quality.

That's a perfect match. Two over priced pieces of shit owned by the same company. 
+Gary McKoy well you do... That's y you wrote it... Eventhough there is no android topic here you did want to stir up an comments war and controversy... 
This isn't so shocking to me.
Could they not find a better pic of headphones? That one is peeling a bit. Just goes to show what you'll be getting.
+Gary McKoy

Then why write a comment so obviously ment to inflame.

I personally love Android, and would NEVER own an Apple product, but I also would never insult someone who chose to have one.

Hey, the upside would be no more Beats Audio crap!
An unlikely acquisition. It would be like flushing those billions for a product with no more long-term payout than toilet paper. Frankly, TP is worth more, since everybody uses it.
Any company can make real good headphones, if they have the best quality parts, why throwing billions for a name. That's a waste of money. Unless they are using that excuse for money laundry. Big companies know how to do that well.
I'm surprised the masses have it right... that this is a dumb move for Apple
Beats sells on name, their headphones suck for the price. Way overrated and overpriced. Bad move for Apple I think. 
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