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As visual content increases in terms of importance and popularity all over the web, there has been a steady decrease in text-heavy websites. Instead of presenting your information to a user with an overwhelming amount of text, the trend now, is to invest in a more visual approach. Text is now being cut down to the just the basic information, while visuals are increasingly used to communicate.

This trend isn’t only appearing on websites in general, but the increasing reliance on visuals has also made its way into our most popular social media. With the appearance and rise of visual-centric social site Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter have both followed suit to increase the integration of more visual media into their platforms.
Sites that are text heavy by nature are creating richer experiences — Images overlaid with text, video content, and interactive elements. 

When designing websites, it is more important than ever to combine your content with visual components to give users an immersive and engaging experience. 

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The final purchase should not be the last step in your buyer’s journey:

In the good ol’ days of marketing making a purchase was pretty much the end goal. After purchasing your customer might recommend you to their friends and family - other than that their journey would normally end at purchase. 

Nowadays, thanks to digital the behaviour of buyers has changed significantly. When consumers have made a purchase they share their experience across social media channels, through writing a review or blog or even filming a short video to share on YouTube. While positive experiences are shared we often see these tools being used as a way to vent a negative purchasing experience.

So what does that mean for you? 
Well, the end goal is no longer just the purchase but also the relationship that occurs after purchase. Marketing efforts should not only be on generating that purchase but also on nurturing and continuing the relationship after purchase. 

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When looking at your websites link profile it is highly likely that it will be weighted towards blogs if you are engaging in any off-site SEO. But there is a world of link opportunities beyond bloggers and ultimately you need diversity in your link profile. 

So let’s take a look at some of the other link opportunities you could be looking at?
• Forums
• Directories
• Professional organizations
• Resource pages
• Events
• Press

Some of the above are low-volume, high-value so are well worth investing a bit more time in. By the way, we’re not suggesting you should stop outreaching to bloggers completely but as with anything in SEO in 2014, there can be too much of a good thing and you need to be diversifying. 

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Are women drivers better than male drivers?

Is steak better than chicken or Superman better than Batman? 

When it comes to life’s important questions we need to choose carefully who we should listen to. I mean yes Batman’s gadgets and gizmos are cool, but who wouldn’t want the ability to fly and beat rush hour traffic.

So when people ask is Responsive Web Design better than fixed layout design it is another question that should be taken seriously as it can have great impact on your business’s digital strategy.

There are many devices and screen sizes out there. Users have the choice! You should cater to them and not dictate which device they should be viewing your site from. Here is why….

1) Ever been to a place where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. Building a site that is responsive to the users individual needs and device specification means that you’re creating a brand consistent experience tailored just for them. Who wouldn’t want that!
2) Developing a responsive site means that you can manage all updates centrally.  All new content on your site will change content across all devices.  No more paying twice for separate services or for separate apps on multiple platforms.
3) If SEO optimisation is important to you (and it should be) it is worth noting that Google recommends building a responsive site for your users. Basically enhancing your site user experience helps to improve your search engine rankings. 

So like steak vs chicken, Responsive Web Design is almost always better than fixed layout design (unless its peri-peri chicken of course)
Here at EHD we develop and build responsive web applications that enhance your visitors experience no matter what device they are using.

Take a look at some of our work

As for women drivers being better than male drivers, men have never tried applying makeup while at a roundabout.

Feel free to agree or disagree with me in your comments

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Instagram announced today that it would start delivering ads to users outside the United States. The UK, Canada and Australia are the first countries in line.

Instagram’s is expecting to reach around 200 million-plus users, many of them young, and see the branding potential in visual storytelling within the mobile app. Also, the majority of the audience is outside the U.S.

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Did you know that the 2014 FIFA World Cup will generate nearly £1.3bn in sales for UK retailers, pubs and restaurants if England makes the second round, according to research by

Online retailers are expected to perform very well during the World Cup too, with an additional £174.71m of spending expected by the second stage, increasing to £367.49m should England make it to the final.

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Today Twitter announced the return of the ‘hashflag’, a popular feature from the 2010 tournament. The feature was introduced by Colombian singer Shakira, who tweeted a number of countries’ flags.
What’s cool about this new twitter feature is that allows you to embed flag emoticons into your tweets, so you can show support to your team on Twitter during the World Cup. When you tweet the three-letter country code for your team or any other participating nation – for example BRA for Brazil, ESP for Spain and of course ENG for England, the country's flag appear in your tweets, revealing your proud colours!

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Project Loon is Google’s name for its work in attempting to bring Internet access to people in rural and remote areas via balloons floating through the earth’s stratosphere.

The project, launched in June 2013 after a pilot in New Zealand, has specially designed balloons floating approximately 20 kilometres above the Earth’s ground level transmitting Internet connectivity at speeds roughly equivalent to the 3G wireless network.

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Today our SEO team are looking at some typical SEO violations and SEO tactics you should be staying clear of.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the video.  

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