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Every presentation can be a great presentation!
Every presentation can be a great presentation!

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One of the things I love about seeing Quigley Catholic High School win at Mock Trial (other than pride in my alma mater and in my father) is that I get a great excuse to have long conversations with my dad about the 26 years he has coached high school Mock Trial (a few of which I was part of). In a recent conversation, my dad mentioned that when he talks to incoming students about Forensics and Mock Trial, he always tells the story about my first time delivering an extemporaneous speech to some upperclassmen for coaching. His memory of it (I admit that I may have blocked this part out) was that the feedback left me in tears.

While I can't say that I'm thrilled that he is cementing that moment as my legacy at the high school, I love what comes next. He talks about the three years I participated in Mock Trial and four years in Forensics and how much I grew as a public speaker. What I remember from all of this is how much I admired the upperclassmen who took the time to work with me and showed me that I wasn't already good at everything (who knew?) but could become very good with practice. Over the years I improved at receiving and giving feedback and practicing presentations.

The final part of my dad's story is about where all of that led me. After talking about my rocky start, my successes in both Mock Trial and Forensics, and my growth as a leader and a mentor for others, my dad has recently been sharing what I'm now ready to share. I'm excited to announce that I am joining a little start-up called Endurance Learning full time to build out products and services that support people who are called on every day to deliver presentations. While I was lucky to have the structure and support to improve my presentations, professionals today often don't have that luxury. Endurance Learning believes that every presentation can be a great presentation! And I'm thrilled to be part of that mission.

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