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Why is my car overheating?

The most common reasons a vehicle will over heat would be a coolant leak or failed component within the cooling system itself. It is very important to stop driving your vehicle if you notice the temperature indicator of the vehicle going up. Too often will a driver continue to operate their vehicle in an overheating situation and cause more damage than necessary. This can lead to very costly repairs. For more information visit

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"Why is my Subaru overheating?" A Subaru can overheat for numerous reasons. A major reason is due to failing head gaskets.

Subaru has had an on going issue with head gasket failures since 1995. The original gaskets were prone to movement and would allow combustion gasses into the cooling system. After 1999 the redesigned Gaskets would leak coolant externally. This design was used until 2010. Because the Subaru is a horizontal engine the coolant leaks onto the ground not into your engine oil like a typical engine.

It is extremely important to get this repaired. Overheating an engine can damage many components of your vehicle, leading to more very costly repairs.
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