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The most valued Electrical Harmonic Filter in Power System.
The most valued Electrical Harmonic Filter in Power System.


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Solar String Inverter with Harmonic Filter

An automobile industry was facing high incident of harmonic failure in SCADA, motor drive & electrical equipment after installing 1MW solar power inverter. The rated capacity of 1.0MW DC solar power is evacuated through 16Nos, 50kW, 3Phase, 415Volts, 50Hz solar power inverter which itself got affected with the harmonic problem. While designing the solar power inverter a 20% power loss is considered by the solar panel manufacturer for conversion from DC solar panel power to AC power delivered in the 3Ph, 415V, 50Hz electrical power grid. Every day during the peak solar power generation time when the sun is at the top of the sky, randomly any one inverter trips and remains switched off for several hours. It causes a loss of 3 to 5% in the solar power generation by considering that the inverter trips at the most productive time. The solar power inverters diagnose it as over voltage tripping. But during the root cause analysis carried out before installing harmonic filter, we did not find any over voltage issue in the factory's electrical power system. We designed the harmonic filter for troubleshooting the factory's electrical and electronic equipment failure as well as providing a photo voltaic solar string inverter solution by mitigating its over voltage tripping condition.

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Harmonic Solution

Encon Harmonic Solution is an inveterate canon of erudition evolved from 500+ projects with 350+ global corporate clients, solving harmonic failure problem. Thanks to your unstinted support since our inception in 1995 and our single-minded troubleshooting and productivity improvement efforts which have established our Harmonic Filter Solution as the most valued brand in today's global market. Our "out of the box" solution in engineering infrastructure project design is time-tested across most industries and are diverse enough those can cater from small to large projects, sensitive ones like in intelligent buildings, data centres, aeronautics etc. to mega projects like in steel, power or for that matter in any large infrastructure industry, be it a Greenfield project or a Brownfield.

We proactively tune our harmonics filter that absorbs most of your plant generated and electrical power system's harmonics. It hugely relieves your plant and machinery from the onslaught of harmonic distortions, that starting from downstream at load delivery points extends up to upstream with its interconnected power systems. While your electrical equipment is designed for a 50hz (or 60hz) frequency capability; harmonic distortions put addition loads on equipment, extents of which depend upon power system harmonics, namely Total Harmonic Distortion Current (THDi) and Total Harmonic Distortion Voltage (THDv) which are predominately in the regions of 150hz, 250hz, 350hz, 550hz and 650hz for 50hz for industrial and commercial systems.

Your electrical equipment is not designed to handle these high-frequency currents and voltages unless they are appropriately oversized, an option that apart from ending up as a fuel guzzler locks up your investment cost with excessive equipment footprint in unutilized capital cost. The reverse situation is mostly true and we routinely find oversized equipment whenever we encounter a new client, and that is precisely the reason we deliver up to 30% enhanced production capacity with the same equipment footprint. That apart active harmonic filters cost you 3 to 5% real energy (kWh) losses as per OEM catalogue, whereas Encon tuned harmonic filters deliver you 3 to 15% real energy (kWh) savings, depending upon how critical are your plant's harmonic distortions in terms of both THDv and THDi.

Peers in the industry somehow fit in, for PF improvement purpose, detuned harmonic filter, or active harmonic filter with or without STATCON, and do so where ever your available equipment overcapacity dilutes overall harmonic distortions in that part of your electrical power system. At such easy galloping, it can't prevent even occasional equipment tripping or failures on account of voltage fluctuations/sags either from external grid sources or within your plant's electrical power system.

With Encon tuned harmonic filters you can consider those power quality harmonic issues as solved. Ironically peer active harmonic filter OEMs invalidate its warranty on voltage fluctuations/sags related incidents, wherein Encon tuned harmonic filter proactively takes on the very voltage fluctuations/sags and prevent your process equipment from nuisance tripping and eliminates failures in electronic cards with ac/dc drives, plc, HMI, SMPS power supply, hard disk, software corruptions in industrial pc etc.

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Active Harmonic Filter - a Case study of its Advantages & Disadvantages.

An active harmonic filter is a type of analogue electronic filter. Uses OP AMP. Needs external power. Injects phase opposite harmonic. Have energy losses. AHF design needs passive components like capacitor and resistor. The inherited capacitor helps in increasing load power factor.

It malfunctions while handling high-intensity power and harmonic pollution wherein the total voltage harmonic distortion (THDv) is above 10%. Many OEM recommends not to use it when THDv is more than 10% as it malfunctions. In this Case Study, we have independently verified this feature.

AHF's another disadvantage it requires real-power in kW for injecting phase opposite harmonic current at downstream at the connected non-linear load that causes 3% to 7% real energy losses in kWh term. Though OEM catalogue mention only about 3% energy loss, that's measured under an ideal condition as like car-mileage claim. Energy-intensive industries employ hundreds of VFD drives within one transformer say 2000 KVA and operate in between 70 to 90% load factor. In addition, the active harmonic filter requires higher impedance typically over 3% in series with VFD drive which injects further kW losses. Thus the 3% energy loss data may be valid for low-intensity load. But for higher load-factor and THDv, it may go up to 7%.

It has a known problem connecting with backup diesel generator (DG) if plant loads are higher and need variable reactive power compensation. The active harmonic filter can't deliver that as it inherits only the fixed type design capacitors and needs additional equipment. A STATCOM to work in conjunction with it or the SATCOM to be inbuilt within it or it requires an external capacitor APFC bank which many OEM refers to as the Hybrid Harmonic Filter.

By design Active Harmonic Filter doesn't remove harmonics from downstream power line but cancels it by injecting anti-harmonics. Its application is to limit upstream harmonics within IEEE-519 norm. Whereas passive filter being a harmonic absorption type sucks up harmonics by short-circuiting it both from downstream loads and upstream power systems within its range. By doing so, it cleans up the circulating-harmonics from downstream loads which otherwise get absorbed in the downstream equipment and In turn, increase voltage harmonic distortions within the electrical power system of the supply transformer. In a chain reaction, it magnifies current harmonics extent of which depends upon the fault level of the load bus PCC. Thus, by design passive filter relieves downstream non-linear load by removing circulating-harmonics and eliminates equipment failure, break-down and nuisance tripping issues. In-addition protection relay functioning improves. We have uploaded another case study about it for an automobile industry with a 1.0 MW Solar Power Plant. Read it at Solar Power Inverter with Harmonic Filter.

Active Harmonic Filter- advantages

The active harmonic filter does not require to be custom built since it is mostly impedance independence except the design capacitors and resistors. It does not need any load specific frequency tuning. Active harmonic filter manufacturers claim that it can filter wideband harmonic frequencies. On the other hand, the passive filter needs extensive engineering efforts and are custom built with load specific design. Passive filters need tuning for load specific harmonic frequencies. However, it is also true that actual load never generates beyond a few harmonic frequency bands. For example, computer, server and switch mode power supply (SMPS) loads produce 3rd and 9th harmonics to the extent of 80% and 15% respectively. Six pulse drive loads produce 5th (60%), 7th (20%) and balance in 11th and 13th harmonic currents. 12-Pulse inverter loads generate 11th (50%), 13th (30%) and balance in other frequency harmonic currents.

Active Harmonic Filter- disadvantages

Active Harmonic Filter has a known issue in handing high-intensity loads wherein THDv is above 10% at which many OEM recommends not to use it. It also creates energy losses which vary from 3% for low-intensity loads and goes up to 7% for high-intensity loads and voltage distortions. Whereas passive filter being harmonic absorption type saves 3 to 5% real energy in kWh for moderately polluted harmonic loads. When it comes to massively polluted harmonic load like rolling mill drive with fourth quadrant regeneration operation, induction furnace etc., it delivers an even higher percentage of energy saving. The same higher percentage energy saving is possible when the transformer or DG operates at a higher load factor typically in between 80 to 90%.

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Harmonic Filter Solution

Harmonic Filter solution is an engineer's approach to increasing 3P, Power, Productivity and Profitability. No stoppage. No breakdown. No quality rejection. Or for that matter, it reduces end-product quality rejection and in-process scrap generation by over 50% on a six-sigma scale for the manufacturing process industries. Power quality stoppages, plant breakdowns and equipment failures get mitigated by over 90%.

Cost Saving on end-product quality rejection and in-process scrap generation: There is a good reason as to why the harmonic filter solution achieves over 50% reduction in end-check product quality rejection and in-process scrap generation on a six-sigma scaling.

Energy Saving: Passive Tuned Harmonic Filter reduces a factory's net energy cost between 3% to 8% in most distortion correction projects with nonlinear loads. The energy saving in kWh term is verified by comparing the plant's energy consumption data one year before and one year after the implementation of the harmonic filter solution. Harmonic filter improves both the load power factor and the distortion PF and maintains the facility's average power factor at UNITY LEVEL consistently with variable process loads.

Equipment Failure Reduction: The most major advantage of the harmonic filter solution is that it eliminates over 80 to 90% failures and nuisance tripping problems in the facility with the electronic card, HMI/ SCADA/ Industrial Computer/ Server, variable speed (frequency) drive, dc drives, motors, and other electrical equipment.

Increases Solar Power Generation: Manufacturing industries are increasing installing photovoltaic solar power generation plants ever since solar power costing has become competitive with respect to coal-based thermal power plant's cost. There is a good reason as to why the harmonic filter achieves Extra Solar Power Generation and in-addition eliminates solar inverter's nuisance tripping problem. For a solar inverter case study please visit the web-page at

Fully Automatic Operation with highly variable process loads: The variable harmonic filter runs without any manual interruption that including switching off while on a holiday and switching on again, once the loads restart. It allows automatic changeover between the utility power and the backup diesel generator source on a power outage and vice versa once the utility supply resume. It allows automatic reactive power control for power factor management with highly variable loads. It controls harmonics, both voltage and current harmonics, with highly variable process loads within the regulatory norm of the IEEE-519 standard.

Harmonic Filter Solution is for the Life Long: The designed Life of a high quality Tuned Passive Harmonic Filter is over 40-Years and it practically needs no-maintenance except for routine maintenance needs like occasional cleaning and tightening.
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The most valued Electrical Harmonic Filter in Power System

Harmonic Filter World's all power intensive projects mitigate electrical harmonics using passive tuned Harmonic Filter. Encon's Harmonic Filter improves bad Power Quality. It's unmatched in performance and delivery. It reaps rewards that you can count on. It reconstructs distorted waveform back into sine-wave. Cleans up your electrical power system from harmonic power surge. Eliminates equipment tripping and failure.

1. There's no-one like it before and someone you like has arrived. We pride in manufacturing the most Beautiful Harmonic Filter.

2. Its beauty is a deception. It's a monster. It mercilessly Slashes down harmonics like no-one did before.

3. It's Rough and Tough (IP55) to withstand harsh environment. Unlike active harmonic filter it does not need to be installed inside air-conditioned room.

4. It's 50kA 1sec Short-Circuit proof, and Basic Insulation Level (BIL) compatible. That withhold Arc-Flash hazard.

5. It's super tuned. That eliminates nuisance tripping and failure of sensitive equipment like in DC Drive, VFD Drive, SCADA/ DCS/ PLC/ HMI, Electronic Card, Computer and Server due to grid voltage fluctuation and sag. Voltage-sag trip costs billions of dollars on lost-production, end-product quality-rejection and re-work for manufacturing industries round the world.

6. It's bountiful. It Saves energy and cuts your OPEX through energy bill.

7. It's graceful presence in electrical power system cuts the need for Equipment Derating. Running with 100% load-factor cuts your CAPEX through savings in foot-print and project cost.

8. This beauty is for ever. It's designed for a 40-years of life.

9. It's Fully Automatic. Adjusts with process load variation and harmonic distortions in power system.

10. Thanks to you, our 350+ corporate clients for believing in it and every time rewarding us with Repeat Orders. That over the 25-years has catapulted Encon's Harmonic Filters as the most valued brand in today's world.
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