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Did anyone notice that the calculation engine was slightly changed in compared to previous versions?  Now CALCREQUIRED is triggered less often.

Does anyone know if there's a flag exposed via SDK to detect if Multi-User-Editing is enabled?

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Does anyone know how to get rid of "Document Uploaded" popups?  I only saw them on one system.  It's really annoying since it takes the focus away from Encompass when it comes up.  Dialog is from Encompass process itself, however, I never saw settings to disable this.


Multiple Roles with Same 2-letter Abbreviations?

Came across an interesting setup today. There are ~ 80 roles in the system and some of them had same abbreviations. For example, normally "FS" is for File Starter, but they also had "FS" for a special Suspense role.

Has anyone seen a setup with same role abbreviations for multiple roles? This is the first time for me and it seems like it would not work well with GetRoleByAbbrev() which I used quite a lot before.

Did anyone notice a funny discrepancy between field values in loans and reporting DB? Almost like there is a hidden map somewhere, which is not returned as a part of Field Descriptors or Reporting Descriptors.

For example, field [420] with Encompass "raw" and "display" values:
FirstLien First
SecondLien Second

Comes as "First Lien" with a space from Reporting DB?

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Is field [992] "Note Date" important?

I just noticed it exists in Encompass, yet, it's not on any of the forms and is missing from Reporting DB setup.

None of the projects I had before used it. However, for some odd reason, it was selected among other fields in a custom reporting project I am currently working on.

Screenshot showing it missing in the Reporting Database setup:

All other fields matching "Note Date" keywords seem to be useless, and they are blank in a few funded loans I tried to look in:

Does Note Date actually imply Funding Date so that maybe MS.FUN or Log.MS.Date.Funding can be used instead?

Is there a standard way to trigger the 2015 Itemization form to show in Encompass 15.1 in the form list? Instead of just re-saving it as a custom form inside Form Builder?

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If you upgraded to Encompass 9.0, you may have issues with rules that depend on milestone date fields MS.*.  On new loans, these fields are set right away as opposed to when milestones are completed.  Biz Rule Analyzer tool can help you quickly find all business rules you need to change to fix the issue.

For example, typical rules that check if [MS.PROC] or [MS.FUN] is set before assigning something will fire before the loan is even submitted.

To fix this issue, all MS.* date fields need to be changed to corresponding Log.MS.Date.* as follows:

[MS.PROC] -> [Log.MS.Date.Processing]
[MS.SUB] -> [Log.MS.Date.Submittal]
[MS.APP] -> [Log.MS.Date.Approval]
[MS.CLO] -> [Log.MS.Date.Clear To Close]
[MS.DOC] -> [Log.MS.Date.Docs Signing]
[MS.FUN] -> [Log.MS.Date.Funding]

This tool literally saves hours of work and lost productivity when you need to find business rules that change fields in a wrong way.  It will pay for itself in time saving for the whole company while fixing a single issue with a business rule.

List of new fields added in Encompass 9.0:

Tool to export fields from your Encompass (any version):

Is anyone experiencing higher rate of Encompass "freezing" when you view documents in EFolder?  The freeze usually appears as a busy cursor spinning, document not showing up and Dovument Viewer window not responding?
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