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Employee Assistance Programmes - Wellbeing at Work
Employee Assistance Programmes - Wellbeing at Work


Wellbeing in a box - complete package

Annual Wellbeing Package 2017 – £2995 + vat – online and onsite
 We offer an annual wellbeing package which allows clients to implement a full wellbeing programme with events across the year for one annual package cost.
Included are 3 onsite Wellbeing Days – ideally this would be one day every 4 months, so they are spread throughout the year.  Examples are below, although workshops can be made bespoke in both content and duration. Typically we cover 4 x 1hr workshops during one day which can be a mixture or the same session repeated across the day.  Some of most popular sessions include:

Health & Wellbeing Taster
Cholesterol/Diabetes/Blood Pressure
Get Fit, Get Active
Alcohol Awareness
Nutrition & Diet
Sleep Awareness
Hydration Awareness
Summer/Winter Health
Back Care & Posture

Wellbeing Survey – which helps identify trends
My Wellbeing Check – online lifestyle assessment
Company Health Reports
Monthly newsletters and posters
Online booking is provided, employees register for the sessions they would like to attend.
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Our client feedback beats benchmarks

Client feedback is invaluable to us here at Enlighten. Below are a few quotes from our current clients:
“I have some very happy staff now.”

NHS London HR business partner
“Many thanks again for your contributions yesterday.”

County Council. Head of Occupational health and safety
“Thank you for all your support.”

Chief Exec, Social Enterprise
“The counselling sessions have been excellent.”

Corporate client, EAP user
“It is usual to only hear the moans and complaints. With EAP we are hearing positives and some individuals have sought HR ought to express how good they feel the EAP service is.”

HR advisor, Small business

“Very satisfied with the account management team.”

Head of HR and Training, manufacturing
“Excellent return on investment and value for money.”

Finance Manager, Small business
“Thank you for all your support with this – I really couldn’t have asked for more from you. The leaflets were particularly helpful in explaining how an EAP scheme worked & the benefits.”

FCIPD, HR Manager. National Charity
“We would have no hesitation in awarding future contracts to the Company.”

HR Manager, University
“When challenges arose, Enlighten always displayed willingness to take ownership of issues and actively manage and resolve them.”

VP HR Education Sector
Enlighten offer a great service!  They made setting up an EAP extremely easy and cost effect. We are a small business that have used them for a number of years and would recommend them to anyone.  We always receive regular usage reports and bulletins,  without being bombarded.  I am also impressed with the renewal process, where they will email me within plenty of time and check our employee numbers and any changes we’d like to the service we recieve before looking for the best deal for us. An excellent service with extremely helpful staff! HR Director
For feedback from experiences from employees who use the EAP service click here

About the author
Enlighten is an independent adviser for employee assistance programmes and wellbeing services. We provide leading EAP brands with the addition of the Enlighten quality account management services. EAP buyers want good employee assistance programme engagement and working together we implement a winning formula for the UK and worldwide.
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Wellbeing kiosk, hire or buy

Health and Wellbeing Teams across the UK are hiring health kiosks to enable their employees to take their own health metrics.
The kiosk provides health advice including weight, BMI, body fat, blood pressure and heart rate. Lifestyle questions and answers provide a report tailored to the individual. The health check takes around 8 minutes to complete.

With no need for an appointment to see a health professional the health check can be done while employees are on a rest break.
Kiosks can be branded to suit your organisation, which includes the main screen and the results print out.
With organisations including the BBC, Wates Group, and NHS Trusts using the kiosks, they are proving to be very popular. With rental times from one day through to long term hire
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Mental health at work 2017

Lunch ‘n’Learn sessions are short seminars lasting for one hour.
Managers are increasingly expected have an active role regarding mental health in the workplace.

Being alert to symptoms, to be able to initiate a conversation with the employee, keep in touch during a leave of absence, and facilitate the employee’s return to work.

At any one time, one in six adults will be experiencing a mental health condition. Playing a full part in supporting job retention and return to work for people with such conditions is crucial. Managers usually know what to do and say when an employee suffers a physical illness or e.g. breaks a leg. However, when the illness is depression, anxiety, panic attacks or post-traumatic syndrome, managers may be at a loss.

Proactive management of employee’s mental health, as with management of physical health, can produce a range of benefits, including reduction of sickness absence, greater staff engagement and productivity, and reduced staff turnover.

Content includes:

Why be aware?
What is mental health?
Signs and symptoms at work of mental health issues
Depression and anxiety, and the risk factors.
What can you do as a Manager?

For more information on availability and pricing please complete our query form here
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EAPs are effective with good ROI

Research commissioned by the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association confirms the effectiveness of counselling through EAPs to support and promote employee health and wellbeing and reduce levels of psychological distress in the workplace.
The UK EAPA study, undertaken in partnership with CORE IMS, reviews the outcome of over 28,000 EAP counselling interventions. The findings indicate the success of EAPs when it comes to engaging with clients and matching client problems with relevant and appropriate counsellors, as well as offering speedy interventions that minimise the time employees are required to wait for professional support.
Key findings from the study, Benchmarking key service quality indicators in UK Employment Assistance Programme Counselling, are summarised here:
Recovery and improvement rates: 70% of EAP clients are demonstrably shown to recover or improve following their counselling intervention.

Access to EAP services: 92% of EAP clients were accepted for treatment in just 9 days (on average).

Clinical distress: 88% of clients presenting to EAPs score above clinical cut-off level, which means they are similar to NHS out patients. Therefore EAPs are seeing and supporting clinical patients.

EAP treatment completion: 80% of EAP clients were estimated to have completed their counselling intervention.

Number of sessions attended: on average, EAP clients attended four treatment sessions, with 88% attending five sessions and 95% of clients attending six sessions. In comparison, 23% of patients receiving care in an NHS primary care setting attended four treatments or less.

“The findings from our study should be welcomed by employers. They demonstrate that EAPs are getting employees back to work quickly and are therefore reducing the detrimental impact of mental health and employee psychological distress on the workplace,” says David Smith, chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association.
“EAP provision has trebled in the last decade and EAPs are an increasingly popular strategic tool for employers who want to invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees and who recognise the importance of a healthy workforce in order to manage performance and drive productivity. This study confirms that organisations with an EAP in place are offering their people the very best opportunity to receive psychological help, should they ever need it and are taking proactive steps to protect both their people and their bottom line,” he says.
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Online group counselling included with selected Employee Assistance Programmes

Group counselling is a confidential form of therapeutic treatment which is facilitated by a therapist with a small group of people with similar or like issues. The group meets over 8 consecutive weeks, with additional one to one contact from the therapist for individuals who may appear disengaged or vulnerable.
Group counselling offers members the support and challenge of other people in a similar situation, along with validation from people with similar experiences. With the opportunity to learn practical strategies from their peers, and communicating with others, both self-esteem and confidence can grow.
Online Group Counselling is short term focused therapy, which has to be deemed clinically appropriate for individuals.
For individuals who may be at risk, or have mental health disorders, this model of therapy is not appropriate.
To find out more, call us on 01344 207430

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UK EAPA Update

EAPs are a missed opportunity for building people performance and productivity, says new UK EAPA research.
email to request a copy of the report when it is published next week.
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