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Emotional Intelligence Relationship Coaching for Relationship Success!
Emotional Intelligence Relationship Coaching for Relationship Success!

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Post has attachment This video is Part 1 of my 4-Part FREE video series titled: How to Avoid Dating the Wrong Partner where I will teach you 5 steps to identifying the type of date that will make you unhappy.

Are there people in your personal or professional life who have traits or behaviors that you consider unhealthy? If so, do you wish you would have known how to spot them sooner?

Welcome to the Dr. Georgiana Relationship Series: “The 14 Types of People To Avoid”. In this segment, I will explore a type of person that can be very hurtful to you, and that is The Cold individual.

I am presenting this segment in answer to an email I received from Thomas, from Illinois with the following question:

“Dr. Georgiana. I have been dating a woman for six months. At first I was very attracted to her because she had an air of confidence and detachment that I liked. She was not overly flirty, which I found comforting because I am a jealous type and prefer reserved women.

However, as time went by, I started noticing several behaviors that confused me and scared me, as follows: During a dinner at her friend’s house, she made a comment about another friend of hers and called her “needy” when she came to talk to her about something someone said that hurt her feelings. The whole night she was mostly looking at magazines and did not get involved with the conversation which focused on personal experiences other people had had in their lives. When we are intimate, she is rough and even though she claims to like me, she seems to prefer not to discuss feelings. She has told me that she prefers to sleep alone. She has also told me that she has had numerous casual relationships and when I asked her if she was bothered by this fact, she responded that she did not care what other people thought.

I have wanted to tell her that I am falling in love with her but hesitate because she seems to become anxious and evasive when the subject comes up. When she invited me to a dinner at her mother’s house once, one of her brothers told me that he was surprised to see her because she often says that family gatherings are boring for her. He also told me that I was the first man she had brought home and that he did not think she ever had a relationship that lasted more than three months. And finally, once she took me to her office party and was very critical of her boss, who seemed to be a really nice person.

Could you please help me figure all of this out? I am very drawn to her aloofness for some reason but my intuition tells me I may make a big mistake if I continue with her. As always, thank you for your advice and guidance”

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My Credentials: I am an expert Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Coach with over 20 years of experience helping people in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and French). My credentials: Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, California Marriage and Family Therapy license, Domestic Violence Counselor Certification and Anger Management Facilitator Certificate.

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When you are with a partner who is a compulsive or pathological liar you often feel manipulated, distrustful, doubtful of reality, hyper-vigilant, unsafe, sad, angry, fearful and embarrassed that you put up with their behavior for so long.

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If you have ever encountered a selfish person, you know that they are excessively or exclusively self-concerned – seeking or concentrating on their own advantage, pleasure or well-being without much regard for those of others. Meet one:

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Being in a relationship with this type of person will make you feel tired of arguing, being blamed, being depended on, and having to please.

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Controlling people are concerned mainly with their own interests, are immature, and are likely to prevent you from leading a satisfying life if you are closely associated with them. Find out the 4 types of controlling people to avoid:

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Click to find out about the 4 types of negative people and why being around them can make you feel unappreciated, falsely accused, frustrated, deeply insecure, or regretful of being in that relationship.

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Click to learn the main characteristics of a person who has a deep difficulty in caring for and bonding with others:

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In the final part of my series on managing jealousy, I'm showing you why negotiation is a necessary and healthy part of any relationship:

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Does jealousy affect your relationship? One way to manage it is by increasing trust between you and your partner. Learn why this is important and how to go about it over on my blog:
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