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Emory Serviss

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Key quote... "By running a campaign that features traditional #advertising elements (TV, radio, print ads) and amplifying it by use of digital elements (website, social media), you can reach consumers on multiple channels. First, you introduce them to your campaign (traditional) and then allow them to interact with your brand on a more personal level right from their smartphones (digital)."
Sonny and Cher. Peanut butter and jelly. Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Digital and traditional advertising. Some things go together if you want them to work.
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Emory Serviss

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Driving business from social media networks isn't as easy as blasting out your own self-promotional content and waiting for the customers and revenue to trickle in. Despite what some marketers may think of social media, it's more complicated than that.  Social media is a funnel just like the rest of your marketing channels, and in order to turn your fans and followers into paying customers you need to move them through each stage of the conversion process.
You've spent the last 24-hours straight engaging with your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram and even a few stray customers hanging out over at Snapchat. You've nailed your brand voic
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Emory Serviss

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Choosing the right #marketing mix depends not only on how well a given channel and tactic are for the KPIs you want to achieve, but also your available budget. Striking a balance between efficacy and efficiency is crucial for a long-term, sustainable marketing strategy.
With the growing resistance to interruptive marketing, it's clear that consumers are fed up with low-value, high noise marketing. But are some of these tactics and channels still an effective ingredient within a holistic marketing approach? Better yet, is inbound marketing any better in the eyes of the consumer?
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Emory Serviss

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The Internet has given nonprofits a great means of reaching people and trying new things. Now is the time to do just that. While it’s become commonplace, online fundraising is really still in its infancy. As the percentage of total gifts coming in online increases, that will change.
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Emory Serviss

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Regardless of the nature of your business, Facebook Audience Insights can give you a leg up on audience research, and ultimately social engagement. This powerful tool offers valuable data at no cost to you.
Do you want to increase your Facebook engagement? In this article you'll find out how to use Facebook Audience Insights to optimize your Facebook posts.
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Emory Serviss

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#socialmedia is a great way for nonprofits to connect with donors and build relationships with new people. Facebook and Twitter are not #fundraising tools, but they can be used to share news about matching gifts and increase the amount of matching gifts you receive.  +Michael Tullier some great tips in this article.
Social media can help nonprofits build relationships. Facebook and Twitter can be used to share news about matches and increase the amount of matching gifts.
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Emory Serviss

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Inbound marketers will tell you outbound #marketing is dead.  I disagree.  Inbound and outbound marketing are not either-or strategies, because both are effective and they can complement each other. Great organizations expertly weave both inbound and outbound marketing tactics into their go-to-market strategy.  Inbound marketing has grown in importance with the rise of the web and social media, and if you are not using inbound, you are leaving money on the table. But, do not buy-in to arguments for one OR the other. The best practice is to do BOTH inbound and outbound marketing.  The beauty is that both inbound and digital outbound marketing can be measured and its Return on Investment (ROI) determined; if a particular tactic has a low ROI you can always drop or optimize it!
“It’s a bit naïve to think that all your potential customers will come knocking at your door.” The problem: Due to the emphasis on inbound marketing that has pervaded the discipline over the l…
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Emory Serviss

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There are a handful of important things marketers need to do when they get started with Google Analytics, such as filtering out traffic using an IP filter and setting up goals.  Also, make sure to leverage Google Analytics as a decision support tool. Marketers need to ask a question, come up with a hypothesis, and test it out.
Social Media Marketing Podcast 162, in this episode Andy Crestodina will explore how to analyze your educational and sales content using Google Analytics.
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Emory Serviss

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Engaging with #socialmedia influencers allows you to increase awareness of your brand, create brand advocates, increase online reputation, and increase pagerank. Whether your business objective is to increase awareness or improve SEO traffic, social media influencers can help with that.
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Emory Serviss

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A content marketing strategy works as your guiding light when it comes to the planning, production, promotion, and measurement of content. Taking the time to create a solid strategy might seem like more work up-front, but it will reduce your workload over time and make your content more effective.
Your content marketing plan/strategy needs to answer 3 questions - who are your audiences? what content are they looking for? where do they go to find it?
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Emory Serviss

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Thanks to the growth in user-generated content, segmentation, and automation, brands are turning to email as a way of blending the best of today's real-time data boom with the holy grail of personalization.
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Emory Serviss

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Digital fundraising campaigns have become an innovative way for nonprofit organizations to create these type of catalytic events as a way to engage donors in the 21st century. Whether it is a social game, online quiz, or another edutainment experience, digital fundraising campaigns provide nonprofits with an innovative opportunity to engage donors in unique ways.
In 2013 online giving grew 13.5% according to the Blackbaud Index of Online Giving and 14% according to the Network for Good’s Online Giving Index with small and medium-sized nonprofits are experie...
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  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
    MBA, 1995 - 1996
  • Jacksonville State University
    BS, Marketing and Management, 1991 - 1995
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"No matter where you go, there you are."
Emory Serviss is a Vice President and Retail Product Manager for Cadence Bank a $8.1 billion regional bank headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Cadence operates 80 locations across Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas.  He is responsible for developing strategy, setting direction, and managing all consumer desktop, mobile, and text banking products.  He is also an Adjunct Instructor in the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University. He teaches Marketing on the Internet (MKTG 4500) an undergraduate marketing elective.

Serviss is a highly accomplished digital strategist and marketing professional with over fifteen years of experience in a variety of industries.  He has previously served as the Digital Marketing Director at Copperwing Design, a creative consultancy located in Montgomery, Alabama, as the Web Marketing Manager for Birmingham’s PRADCO Outdoor Brands (a division of EBSCO Industries) and for several years as the eCommerce Marketing Manager for SouthTrust Bank.

An experienced market researcher, Serviss has extensive expertise in strategic planning, marketing plan development and implementation, and campaign analysis and tracking.  He strives to combine primary and secondary research data, technology, and user experience to develop interactive marketing strategies that create engaging online and social experiences resulting in increased business revenue and optimum profitability.

Serviss is a regular speaker at interactive events on topics such as SEO and Social Media. He earned his MBA at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, as well as a bachelors degree in marketing and management (double major) from Jacksonville State University.

In his spare time, Emory enjoys the company of his amazing wife Lil, their beautiful daughter Josie, and their newborn son Jimbo.
Bragging rights
I travelled the world growing up as an Army Brat.
Retail Product Manager
Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web 2.0, Web Development, eCommerce
  • Auburn University
    Adjunct Instructor, Harbert College of Business, 2014 - present
  • Cadence Bank
    VP, Retail Product Manager, 2014 - present
  • Cadence Bank
    VP, Electronic Channel Strategist, 2011 - 2014
  • Copperwing
    Digital Marketing Director, 2011 - 2011
  • ERSCO Marketing Solutions
    Principal, 2009 - 2011
  • Colonial Bank
    VP, Web Marketing Manager, 2009 - 2009
  • PRADCO Outdoor Brands
    Web Marketing Manager, 2005 - 2009
  • SouthTrust Bank
    AVP, eCommerce Marketing Manager, 2001 - 2005
  • USF Surface Preparation Group
    Manager, Market Research, 1999 - 2001
  • Summit Marketing Group
    Management Information Analyst, 1996 - 1999
  • Walt Disney World
    College Program, Merchandise Host, 1992 - 1992
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