Bill Nye Boo'd in Texas for Saying the Moon Reflects the Sun

Yeah, seriously. This is what happens when a society turns science into a political issue. The USA used to be a very pro-science society and when it was we excelled.

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Whackos from Waco.. things change but they don't.
This is the result of the anti-intellectual trend in the USA. It mostly affects Republicans and is highly contagious. There is no cure, but some people have recovered by themselves after a diet of science and common sense.
the anti-intellectual trend in the USA is christianity.
Actually, no. As a Christian I think that's unfair, but given the media saturation I can't blame you for thinking that Christians are idiots when the only ones who seem to be standing for the faith behave like that.
You just shattered my reality, I also thought the moon was a light and the man up there has been looking after it so long, he had time to carve his face into it , during the days...
+Wendy Cockcroft
he bible is a slippery slope.
you should not cherry pick it when it suits you and the situation.
It's also not a science textbook and it's not cherry picking to say that.
no it is not, and should never be compared to one.

yes you do and have. sure you may have not done it here if I missed something, but I will guaranteeing that if your life were to be inspected, you cherry pick it in a regular basis.

I have not met a christian that did not cherry pick their bible.
I really hope there is more to this story
We should all be very fearful of what could come from a future when those kids grow up. Educational intervention, please!
nah, it was no doubt attenuated to serve some one's point.
+Larry Maxwell it depends on what you call cherry picking. I'm not planning on slaying the Hittites or anything.
I feel something missing and misleading in this news article ...
shit happens on both sides... it is unfair to give religion all of the credit ;)
Happened in 2006. I wouldn't be surprised to learn things have gotten worse since then, though.
ignoring the score between the general parties..... sure.
Wow. Imagine if he had said that Earth is not located in the center of the universe.
Judging only from the report, I conclude Bill was wrong to introduce a Bible quote to make his point in a science lecture. It was pretty obvious baiting. "Hey, look! Your religion is wrong!" Some people saw it only as an attack on their belief and wouldn't countenance it.
bingo. you can not directly tell stupid people that they are stupid. (not that it is wrong, but rather it does not work.)
I read in one of the comments under the story on the link about such actions having to do with "religion". I couldn't comment there, but I'd like to comment here.

What one woman in a large crowd somewhere in Waco, Texas with her children yells at Bill Nye the Science Guy has nothing to do with RELIGION nor anyone who PRACTICES A RELIGION. RELIGION is NOT a one size fits all proposal. RELIGION is MEMBER specific. Not ALL religions behave the same AND not ALL members of any particular religion BEHAVE with the same intentions as those who founded the religion to begin with. I think RELIGION is getting a BAD RAP. This incident has NOTHING to do with RELIGION. It has to do with an INDIVIDUAL who THINKS it has to do with RELIGION -- but it DOES NOT.
because when people spin, there is a reason. Same reason preachers preach.
you should then ask EVERYONE about their religion
or discuss it "logically" with her without worrying about her religion, nationality, race...etc
I do. she called attention to herself. If you defend X, you are probably responsible for doing X. the world needs a little more actual logic.
She makes other points worth discussing, like whether one person's comments really have nothing to do with religion. I think it's a side effect of the absolutist mindset often preached.
i hate it when someone point out an opinion and then people ask "where are you from, how old are you, what is your religion" and then say "because you are so young or so old you won't understand" or because you are from this country ...stop over-judging people in discussions , if you disagree with an opinion just say so and say why ,,,and end it at that ,,
I see varying degrees of religion out there no matter what particular religion is practiced. Most are able to function well in society but there always seem to be extremists who take things way too far. Here in my state a family just let their 4yr old die after having a fever for a week, denying him medical treatment because "it's God's will". He's not the first child to be effectively murdered by that church. It's the people like that and the ones who try to force their religion on the rest of society that really bother me.
if people would have more logic applied to common sense, that story, this thread would not need to exist. What i mean by this are the people who boo'd bill for something a complete idiot would not understand.
+Ghassan J in the intellectual realm, we call that gaining context. if the conversation were about location or age, I would have asked the relevant questions.
It must have been pretty funny to witness the booing. An awkward moment, I'm sure.
I find the article is meaningless and "may be" a flat lie ...we all know that "some" surgeons, doctors, astronauts, NASA scientists, machinations, chemists, inventors are Jews, Muslims, Christians ...etc. nothing SCIENTIFIC about the article educational value, ....and it only spreads hate, misjudgements and disrespect among humans
Anyway please excuse my errors in grammars and spelling ...not that good @ English
nah, i ignore grammar unless it some how messes with the message. it happens.

the moon reflecting the sun is science. You denying that "only spreads hate, misjudgements and disrespect among humans"
Even if it didn't actually happen, it's interesting that it's not so unlikely that we can all immediately recognize it as false.
+Ghassan J I live in the middle of the bible belt. I see comments filled with hatred toward people like me, I hear preachers telling their followers that atheists are immoral people and I see others treating science as if it's some sort of anti bible conspiracy all on a daily basis. Before I was able to come to G+ to escape the hatred I really didn't want to go on with life. Religion can be cruel and they don't even think about it.
I was not talking about the scientific fact "the moon reflecting the sun " ...I'm talking about the whole STORY
things I have learned: Religion always throws the first punch. and Religion would always bastardize science.

before you think that those are un true, example are written in history books.
+Ghassan J which is about dumb people who don't know squat about science. that or we can call it dumb people ignoring science in favor of a fable.
i dont want to live on this planet anymore.
Wow paul your ignorance is really helping the situation
G Joh
Keep stiring up hate with lies against the only people that keep true love alive. So sad!
** if you call what christians do love.
There are good Christians and bad Christians, good Muslims and bad. It's generally the extremists and leaders who end up making people ignore their conscious and behave immorally.
as long as everything they believe is based on any sort of biblical "interpretation," it leads me to believe that they can not think on their own and should not be taken seriously.
It still amazes me that in order for a foreigner to become a citizen, they need to know more about civics than an average dumb ass American voter. And the right blame the destruction of our country on trying to help those less fortunate and on the Gays. How about you crack open a book other than the Bible?
+Ghassan J thank you so much.
+Larry Maxwell glad you're not my dad. hope you're not a teacher. be careful as to what you say & how much. you almost had me there about you being an intellect of some sort. sorry, but you'll definitely need to go back to school, do more reading, learn about science, learn about all different kinds of religion & faiths (including your own) AND hurry up and get yourself to church --- any one of your choice. Think of it as an intellectual project to inspire your mind with more criticisms. Meantime, I'll pray for you.

wow. I thought intelligent people new better than to make unsubstantiated accusations about others? I remember reading in a history book somewhere that Freedom of Religion was one of the biggest reasons people left their homes & countries to come here to the US?

Freedom of Religion? You mean you're free to have a religion, only to come here on this thread to be bullied, put down, misunderstood, hated, belittled, frustrated & shunned due merely to the lack of, desire or human values to understand anything about people, religions or science.

I thought intelligent human beings knew that no group or label of any type has members who are all exactly the same. I also thought that intelligent human beings knew that no one nor few members are exactly the same as ALL the members of a group ... nor the same as the group as a whole. I thought everyone knew this. Hmmm. Guess not.

You might want to open your History of Science books up to the page that discusses the purpose & scope for classifications including the section on why & how PROFESSIONAL SCIENTISTS & RESEARCHERS use them & why UNTRAINED SOCIAL-MEDIA POSTERS should NOT use them.
my kids would not need a manual to be good.
+Larry Maxwell
May non-theists & theists rejoice together as we revel together in the natural & pure goodness of children - none of whom need a manual to be good.
you have such a narrow view of what actually goes on.
lol. im pointing out that you are not giving what you believe a broad enough examination.

If you think I am picking a fight, which I am not, then I am done.
how about you tell me instead and clear up a bunch of questions.
No fair using the tactics of a used car salesman.
What you are asking me to do is to be the first one to trust the other (you) by becoming completely vulnerable.

I'm sorry to feel now obliged to say this, but you have deeply offended me in many of your posts.

In stating this to you, it may be quite reasonable to assume that anybody's feelings - especially mine - are the least of your concern.

Would you kindly tell me if you find this statement more True than false? or more False than true?

No worries, I expect your retort to be completely hurtful so therefore, other than attempting to demonstrate the value of being willing to admit that there's always a chance that any given individual - including me & you - may have made a false assumption, it doesn't matter to me. and ... who knows? if i'm wrong about my predictions ... i'll be the first to admit it.
lol. all you had to do is be direct in your answers because if you were right and they contained real logic, i would have been cornered and people would have seen me as the dummy you think I am. ;)
+Larry Maxwell
I find our discussion extremely exhilarating. I hope we can continue. I love learning about other's way of life. Helps me to grow as a person.

I have to go now for a few hours ... but I'll be back very late tonite. Hope we can continue this discussion. Maybe we could even go to "chatzy" (free private chat room) if you'd like & discuss this with each other in real time. I've much to learn from you. Hope you feel the same about me.
Take Care for now,
after some thought;
I am not interested. you have as much chance of convincing me that you are right as I have you. I have pretty much lost all tolerance for religion slipping itself into actual knowledge.

we both know you have no intent of "learning" anything from me.
my biggest question is why are you bringing up something that's dated 2009? it happened THREE YEARS ago. it's not exactly current events now is it? also after reading the VERY short blurp from the website you shared from it sounds like it was a SELECT few people from the college that stormed off. probably people who were there only to start trouble in the first place?
the same reason you are resurrecting a 3 month old thread..
That's my bad it showed up on my feed today. Was like Wtf?
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