NBC Interactive Threatens Suppliers if they Don't Support SOPA!

Leaked E-Mail

Guys, check this out! This email just started hitting online forums today. The phone numbers listed are valid. CBS and friends were the ones who distributed Limewire, BitTorrent and pretty much every easy to use file sharing software out there. They even made marketing deals with the PirateBay file sharing site. Of course at the same time they cry about lost revenue from file sharing? It's pretty clear they have just been inflating file sharing losses to push the SOPA censorship law through. Now sadly, it appears that NBC is involved too and they are going so far as the threaten their suppliers. Take a look at the line I bolded in the email.

If you are so inclined I would suggest spreading this letter around.. There are so many news organizations involved I doubt we will hear anything about this in the offline world.

Edit: Looks like it's standing up to verification so far. (Original Post at 7:55pm Central)

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This message came from: nbcuniversalsupplier_communications@nbcuni.com
To: NBCUniversal Supplier Communications (NBCUniversal)
Subject: Message from NBCUniversal’s Rick Cotton, Marcia Haynes, and John Wallace

To Our Suppliers:

We are writing to ask you for help on an issue that is one our top business priorities – content theft on the Internet, which is a major threat to the strength of our business. Our major guilds and unions are joining us in the fight to keep our businesses strong so that the tidal wave of content theft does not kill jobs. But if the current trend continues, it’s not too strong to say that this threat could adversely affect our business relationship with you.

We’re writing today to ask you to do two things:

1) Visit creativeamerica.org, a new initiative to build grassroots support for the fight against content theft, and join the fight. Creative America is a place for the people who make their living in this industry to come together with a single voice to speak out against content theft, and that includes you. In addition to NBCUniversal, the members of this unprecedented coalition are CBS, Disney, Fox, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Viacom, and Warner Brothers, along with AFTRA, the DGA, IATSE, and SAG.

2) While you are at the creativeamerica.org site, click on the “Contact your Legislator” button to let your representative and senators in Congress know that you support an important new piece of legislation called the PROTECT IP Act, which would authorize the U.S. Department of Justice to go after foreign websites that are dedicated to the illegal distribution of our movies and TV shows. The website makes this very easy to do by providing you with a customizable letter along with a tool to let you automatically send a message to your specific legislators, based on your zip code.

We will be sure to keep you informed about our efforts to fight the growing problem of content theft. You can share your thoughts, concerns, or ideas by sending an email to protectourwork@nbcuni.com.

Or if you’d like to discuss specific ways you can help, please feel free to contact either Phil Tahtakran in our Washington, DC office at phil.tahtakran@nbcuni.com, or 202-524-6404, or John McKay in New York at either john.mckay@nbcuni.com or 212.664.6202.

Thank you for your support.


Rick Cotton
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Marcia Haynes
Executive Vice President, Sourcing

John Wallace
President, Media Works_
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Such a small group of people with too much influence over policy. If we're not careful, even commenting about media will require a license.
+Deron Huskey With SOPA they could effectively do that.. They are allowed to go after anyone that allows so much as a link to a file share site and take their blog/site down immediately and to top it off they get immunity as well. In other words they can just have one of their lobbyist friends post a link to a blog they don't like, order a take down and not worry about getting in trouble.
+Emmett Lollis Can you provide any more info about this? I'm going to post a link to this on my Tumblr, but want to know if there are any more details you can provide (where it leaked, etc.).
"Vulgar Display of Power" - Pantera
+Ernie Smith +Occupy Updates is right... I was trying to remember the site name but he's right, I'm 90% sure I saw it on torrent freak first, I know it was torrent something. The onecandleinthedark blog post does have a TON of background info and evidence to do with the whole file sharing "Ponzi scheme" as I call it.
I'm thinking about blogging on this issue too, have been meaning to report on the CBS scandal on my blog for a long time now.
I was wondering if this was real, and it is! One of NBC's vendors posted on their website about three days ago as an employee notice. So it can't have been expected to be private.
+Michael Mozart: Great, would love to be able to definitively confirm this for my readers. A lot of my reader base is Tumblr-focused and there is definite concern over the law. I think that if we could confirm that suppliers did receive this note, larger sites like PaidContent and Gawker would probably cover this story.
+Ernie Smith Still going through everything that I have, but I feel 99 percent positive it was that. I had forgotten that the link was XEROX
Very interesting.. A lot of the search results for unique text from the letter that I was seeing yesterday from as far back as 6 days old have vanished in the exact same search done today.
+Michael Beckett Actually, that specific post is from yesterday. The source of the letter is from TorrentFreak, on an unrelated post about Google on Wednesday.

If Xerox posted it and took it down that's a bit sketchy.
+Ernie Smith I had read the earlier posts, I was thinking if sites like PaidContent and Gawker perhaps other news sources from Al Jazeera (They might like to hold up a mirror to the West), newspapers, magazines and other websites could also perhaps be interested in spreading awareness of the Western internet censorship...
I wonder if we could just e-mail some of the people in the message, just asking formally if they can confirm or deny the e-mail's existence. Seems like the worst they could do is ignore our messages.
I know a guy at AJE, I can probably ask him via Twitter if it's of any interest to them.
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