Government Heads LulzSec Operations, Then Busts Itself

Once again, the government commits crime in the name of stopping crime. Who's to say any of this would have happened without their direction? The Stratfor email leak happened several months after he was arrested, yet they say he was the mastermind behind it. I thought something was up when LulzSec created a "new" twitter account which was also being followed by @BarackObama. Is this what justice looks like?

Edit: Okay @BarackObama following an account doesn't mean much but there were other strange activities like hacking NASA out of the blue which didn't fall in line with what I would picture as an Anonymous op.

#Anonymous #LulzSec
Law enforcement agents on two continents swooped in on top members of the computer hacking group LulzSec early Tuesday, acting largely on evidence gathered by infamous organization’s chief, who source...
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I don't think Obama following them on Twitter implies some sort of conspiracy. I'm not saying there isn't one, but that's a pretty weak point imo
The day @BarackObama starts following me is the day I shut down all my social media accounts.
@BarackObama is following me on Twitter-- does this mean I have found the end of the internet?
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