Did you see it?
San Diego UFO. I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw this UFO. About an hour ago - looked like two orange cone shaped flames - one pointing up, and one pointing down. Couldn't really see what was in the middle, but it seemed to be cigar shaped. It was moving about the speed of a small plane - not nearly as fast as an meteor would travel, and not too far from the airport. Was visible for a pretty long time - maybe almost a minute, then it slowed down and slowly flicked out. Could have been something from space I guess - burning up on reentry, but it really looked like it was lower and flying over the city.
Date: April 28th 2012, Description: Driving to a friend's house with my boyfriend, we noticed a large fireball-like object in the sky which first looked to be falling quickly toward the earth. It was ...
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I'm about 60 miles north. Didn't see a thing!
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