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My Galaxy S5 Sport  is upgrading to Android #Lollipop as I write this!
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I just said piss on it and got the Nexus 6 
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Fighting Media Inaccurate Reporting - Google Could Help

So all this media coverage was over her violating regulations that didn't exist when she was in office. Do they ever hire reporters who went to school for, or maybe had at least a passive interest in proper journalism, such as verifying information before publishing? I know that everyone has a political leaning and opinion but proper journalism must be done via reporting verified facts. Growing up I remember it was a huge deal if something was incorrect in a news report, now it's almost to be expected.

I know a big degree of bias comes from the corporations which own the particular media outlet, however I also see this as a case where our instant access to news has put reporters and media outlets on the spot to be the first to break a story, even if it is inaccurate because the first to break the story is going to gain the most attention which equals profit, regardless of accuracy.

Google Trust Rank For News Articles
The only thing I can think of which might help the situation would be for +Google  to add a simple formula to their news ranking algorithm which reduces a news site's ranking according to the amount of inaccurate reporting. It would best done by human review which would require minimal staff, however a simple routine to scan for retractions, corrections, et shouldn't be that hard to code. If no retraction were made Google could also pinpoint reporting accuracy by gathering "factual" statements made in an initial story report and comparing them against "factual" statements on the same topic in follow up stories, if there appears to be a change in the reported "facts", the article could be flagged for human review which would be less taxing on human resources needed to do the job. It could also be narrowed down to a particular reporter, if the reporter moves to another news agency and has a sudden change in accuracy it would be a signal that the news outlet policies bear more responsibility, otherwise it's more on the reporter.

The more visible inaccurate reporting is to the web, the more it gets spread via social media which brings in viewers and advertising dollars. One of my biggest frustrations with our instant news culture for me has been the priority given to first reporting vs accurate reporting, and I really think this could have an impact. Even the slightest change can make a world of difference.

What do you think of this solution?

 +vint cerf +Adam Lasnik I think you may be interested in this idea.

#hillary #clinton #hillaryscandal #hillaryemail #emailscandal #googlenews   #googlesearch  
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I don't know if Nick has responded or not and if so, if he apologized or made more accusations or toned it up or down, but this post came across my stream, and I thought it pertinent to the tone of this thread:

"Keep important conversations from turning into fights."
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Founder of Newsboys Comes Out As An Atheist

He makes some good points about the Christian rock scene. I think I would have more respect for them if they preached what they practice.

I remember some Christian rock band member (Don't remember the group name off hand but they were very popular and I believe based in Tulsa) who raped a girl who was around 13-14 years old. Instead of getting charges pressed he was "forgiven". Maybe it's just me but I don't think that holds moral weight and was likely more to do with avoiding headlines and moving past the negative light than anything to do with being righteous.

With exception of people with serious mental conditions we all have a built in moral compass regardless of following a religion or not but it seems that in any kind of group it becomes easier for people to make immoral choices because as others in the group agree, the more acceptable it is to them.

What do you think?

#christianity   #atheist   #christian   #atheism   #christianband   #christianmusic  
A founding member of the Christian-oriented band Newsboys shocked the music industry this week after coming out as an atheist on the faith discussions website
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Photography during the Blue Hour.
If you are a photographer you are probably familiar with the "golden hours" after sunrise and before sunset to get a nice warm tone.
While I've occasionally done night shots here and there making sure the keep the shutter open long enough to get the blue sky at night background, this is the first time I've heard of the actual term "blue hour" and learned it also has optimal times. Should be cool to check out.

‪#‎photography‬ ‪#‎photographytutorial‬ ‪#‎bluehour‬ ‪#‎nightphotography‬
‪#‎photography‬ ‪#‎photographytutorial‬ ‪#‎bluehour‬ ‪#‎nightphotography‬
Have you ever wanted to create beautiful night photos but it was completely dark when you found the right spot and subject? Well the web site will help you by calculating the best time frame for taking stunning blue hour pictures. If you don't know what is "blue hour" then ...
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If you are unable to buy an image at this time it would be a great help to get as many followers as I can on +Emmett Lollis Photography. I have a lot more work to sort through and add to the portfolio and a special surprise coming up soon, follow so you don't miss out!
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I appreciate the shares!
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New nature shots added! :)
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Epic Music to Get Your Day Going!

If you pay attention to the lyrics and the emotion of the music this is one of the top songs ever recorded, in my opinion anyway. Didn't care much for the released tracks. The real beauty is the rest of the album.

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To put an end to the rumors that my lack of posting for the past week or so means I'm dead. Let me put those rumors to rest.

I've had what may be the worst week of my life. Not so much as hurting myself but letting the most important people in my life down. Add to it, getting into an accident in the off ramp lane in the rain, receiving $150 citation, having someone decide to smash my tail light and being on the verge of being unable to pay the bills to keep my business alive. Letting people I care about down is the biggest issue for me. It's time for me to evaluate my negative habits and thinking and realize it doesn't just hurt me but those around me too. I also have to come up with some great marketing fast or I could lose my chance at fulfilling my dream. It's time for me to grow up and be a man.
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Now You Can Turn Any Large Prop / Small Jet Into a VTOL Hover Lander!

It's not so much the crosswind but the headwind that catches my attention on this one. As a pilot it's not often you get to land vertically. I'd love to try it once if I weren't concerned about downdrafts.

#headwindlanding   #crosswindlanding  #VTOL
Don’t watch this if you’re afraid of flying. 
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+Joe Philley You should appreciate this one.
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Innocent or Guilty?

I had a pain pill out on my desk this morning, toward the back off course. When I came home from getting food it was missing. The only one in the house who had access to my bedroom briefly while I went to get a Voltage to drink was Eddy.

I just took this photo of him. Does he look innocent or guilty?

#crime #dog #dogs #Yorkies #medicine #drugs #suspect
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Friday is the last day to receive up to 60% off! I'm trying to build some funds to keep my business going. Also, don't forget to go to the +Emmett Lollis Photography page and follow. I need a lot more to get my custom URL there. Thanks friends!

#photography   #etsy   #etsyshop   #etsysale   #photosforsale   #photographysale  
Warm Up Today With Savings of Up to 60% Off!
FINAL SALE EXTENSION THROUGH FRIDAY 1/16/2015 - Save on my entire Etsy selection of photos and art!
Promo Codes are in the description text of each image in the store to make it easy.

Images below are only a small selection of in store items.
#photography #photosforsale #photographysale #fineartphotography  
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Strangest Nightmare Ever?

I just woke up from a pretty bad nightmare. There was a restaurant and pub located next to one of my fishing spots at the Arkansas River. Would be between Washington Irving Park and the river itself. I remember this location from past dreams, looks different than the actual place but it's that area. Anyway apparently I hang out there and brought my mom for some reason and during the dream I really needed to pee (in the dream and real life) so I find the bathroom, instead of urinals it's filled with nothing but open toilets, fine whatever. But they are surrounded by (if you are eating breakfast stop reading now). Surrounded by vast amounts of diarrhea, including the floor and walls  and I'm barefoot but really have to pee. A worker is in there to do clean up. For me to stay out of the diarrhea  I have to stand way back and when I start to pee it sprays all over including on the worker so I have to stop (everyone knows that's the worst feeling ever when you REALLY have to go). I'm instructed to go find something to help increase my aim and I end up in the restaurant looking for it and of course for no reason I'm naked at this point but really don't care. Then I start to become conscious and realize that I need to wake myself up to go pee and wake up.

Someone want to analyze that dream for me? Or better yet, one up it!

#dream #dreams #dreamanalysis   #nightmare  
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An amateur stab at analysis:

You feel surrounded by the world's troubles (and the lack of good people working on them), including your own pressing immediate needs. You sense there might be a better, smarter way to solve both your own problems and address the world's troubles, but you feel ill-prepared in figuring that out, let alone starting.
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I'm a professional photographer, web designer, computer guru, video producer and artist of sorts. I enjoy taking candid photos of people and places. I love a good thunderstorm. You might find me out chasing tornados or capturing lightning on film. I'm working on several website projects, trying to find the next big thing. I enjoy learning anything I can, you can never have enough knowledge.

Lately I've been doing a lot of HDR photography. HDR opens up a whole new world of creativity, a lot of people don't care for the HDR look but there are many situations HDR is the only usable option and many times it turns an ordinary photo into pure art. I also write articles on photography, Photoshop and technology. Lately a lot of my articles have focused on Social Networking and Google+. 

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I like to think of myself as a thinker and I try to be a master of many skills.
Photographer, Film Maker, Web Designer, Blogger, Software Engineer, Storm Chaser
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My doc wanted me upped from norco to percocet due to severe back pain. In fact at that time it was the worst pain of my life, a disc pushing against my sciatic nerve, I was almost suicidal over it. Not only didn't they change the script, they actually lowered my norco dosage. They wanted to "encourage" me
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