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+FOX23 News Shared some storm photos from yesterday.

#storms #oklahomastorms #oklahoma  
Storm pictures.
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Same looking clouds here in Ohio today! Creepy looking! 
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Emmett Lollis

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For those who live in Tornado Alley like me this is a good special to watch!
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Emmett Lollis

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+Angeline Stacy always shares great content. Be sure to follow her!
silence of the lambs?
You think Twitter is weird? Look at early print culture and the practice of what book historians call anthropodermic bibliopegy. That would be binding books in human skin. And w...
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No argument here!
Today is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. Join #GYBO  in celebrating all the small businesses that make our communities great. Thank you, #MomandPop  for all you do.
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Emmett Lollis

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I witnessed a 20yr old young man who was AWOL from the military being chased by several police cars when he decided to end his life by hitting a semi or dump truck head on. Posted the smoke photos from my cell on my FB account.  I walked half a mile to get better photos with my professional equipment. Will be posting soon after I make sure there is nothing gruesome in the photos.
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Emmett Lollis

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Good morning Google+ friends!
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I'm fine ! :D
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CERN Conforms Exotic Hadrons

Does this mean the Ingress story line is actually true? O_O. Seriously though this is a fantastic breakthrough in science!

#Science   #scienceeveryday   #Ingress   #enlightened   #resistance  +Joe Philley +John Hanke 
LHCb confirms existence of exotic hadrons

The LHCb collaboration today published an unambiguous observation of an exotic particle that cannot be classified within the traditional quark model.

Image shows the LHCb experiment at underground Point 2 on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The prominent tube is the LHC beam pipe, in which protons circulate at close to the speed of light.

Image credit Anna Pantelia © CERN - for terms of use see
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Unfortunately, it's a match in name only; it has too much mass and a charge. Still hoping for WIMPs to be a unit of entropic mass or something.
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Amazing Video of New Drone by Robert Scoble!

This is freaking amazing!!! OMFG!

#drone   #robertscoble  
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MIT Software Picks Up Invisible Motion in Video. MUST SEE!!!

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. The story is from the end of February but if you missed it like I did you will be amazed. It can be incorporated into devices such as cell phones and Google Glass and be used to see people's heartbeat! WOW!

#mit   #software   #amazing   #invisible   #science   #scienceeveryday   #technology   #technews  
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My Account of the Police Chase Fatality Crash + Photos

I watched police zoom by my home followed by a large explosion as I walked out to see what was going on.  By all appearances the young man running from police intentionally hit the dump truck head on. I heard that he was 20yrs old and AWOL from the military (don't know what branch). There were 4-6 police in pursuit. At first I thought they were responding to a wreck but it turns out it was a chase. I'm very sad to hear there was a loss of live in this incident. I don't know why he was running from the military but I would expect he had mental issues going on to be so desperate. I sent my photos and info to Fox23 already. Might send to other stations in a bit.

+FOX23 News  #tragedy   #crash   #policechase   #suicide   #fox23   #fox23news  
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Photographer, Film Maker, Web Designer, Blogger, Software Engineer, Storm Chaser
Photography, Software Engineering, Videography, Wood Crafting, C, C++, Visual Basic, PHP, Perl et.
    Professional HDR Photographer, Film Producer, Web Designer, Blogger, present
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Photographer, Film Maker, Web Developer, Blogger, Software Engineer.

I'm a professional photographer, web designer, computer guru, video producer and artist of sorts. I enjoy taking candid photos of people and places. I love a good thunderstorm. You might find me out chasing tornados or capturing lightning on film. I'm working on several website projects, trying to find the next big thing. I enjoy learning anything I can, you can never have enough knowledge.

Lately I've been doing a lot of HDR photography. HDR opens up a whole new world of creativity, a lot of people don't care for the HDR look but there are many situations HDR is the only usable option and many times it turns an ordinary photo into pure art. I also write articles on photography, Photoshop and technology. Lately a lot of my articles have focused on Social Networking and Google+. 

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I like to think of myself as a thinker and I try to be a master of many skills.
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