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RIP Gene Wilder

This is a sad day.

Gene Wilder, star of 'Willy Wonka' and Mel Brooks classics, dies at 83
The comic actor was at his best in 'The Producers,' 'Blazing Saddles' and 'Young Frankenstein' and teamed with Richard Pryor in four films.
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Entertaining Home Alone Sequel?

I never expected I would enjoy a sequel to Home Alone. I've been proven wrong... +1 Macaulay Culkin for providing a grown up short version.

We even have a video response from another star of the film. I'll post it in the comments.
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Started out funny and ended kinda corny. 
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9th Doctor in Day of the Doctor

Interesting find. Here are the story boards when nine was included in the 50th anniversary special. H/T

#doctorwho #ninthdoctor
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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Interesting.  Moff has said he asked CE to come back but he refused.  Interesting to see it got that far.
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Corrupt Tulsa Sheriff Resigns per Grand Jury Recommendation

After decades of corruption which was uncovered after the death of a man who got tazed by an officer who got to skip training because he was donating so much money. Things got real interesting when testimony by his own officials during a federal probe from several years back detailed a long history of corruption going back decades.

Rumors are that prisoners in every state prison are making preparations for his upcoming stay. It's a little ironic that he was known for telling his employees "they don't have to like their shit sandwich, but have to eat it".

#shitsandwich   #tulsasheriff   #stanleyglanz  
On Wednesday, six months after a volunteer reserve deputy, Bob Bates, shot and killed an unarmed man, Eric Harris, a grand jury indicted Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz on misconduct charges. The New York Times reports that Glanz will step down as sheriff.
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Good words.
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True words
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If your iOS is out of date, it's time to update.

A newly published vulnerability allows access to your entire phone.

#iOS # hacked #softwareupdate
If you have an iPhone, it's important that you update its software immediately. Apple released an iOS update Thursday, &
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Merle Haggard Dead on his 79th Birthday

Merle Haggard died this morning on his 79th birthday as he predicted.

Country music legend Merle Haggard has died after battling double pneunomia ... according to his manager.
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Someone Please buy Glenn Beck a Dictionary

I just heard Glenn Beck (not intentionally, just in passing by) equate all scientific theory, to the general populations use of the word theory, which is what the scientific community would refer to as a hypothesis.

Here's a simple explanation on scientific theory from Wikipedia (along with a link to the Britannica reference).

"A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired through the scientific method and repeatedly tested and confirmed through observation and experimentation."

Will someone please buy Glenn Beck either a dictionary or an encyclopedia? I think a dictionary would be a better choice for him. He seems to avoid critical thinking, so he'll probably prefer something a little less in depth.

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I always feel sad for the people that buy Collectible coin sets. They aren't real coins, they not only won't appreciate in value but they are priced so highly over the silver or gold prices that the raw metal prices would have to really appreciated a lot to even break even. They are a horrible scam. If I see a commercial for them it pisses me off. The whole Franklin coin mint is a scam.
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I Survived the Great Oklahoma Earthquakes of 10/10/2015

We really can't just title them by year or month anymore. I missed the first one but felt the second one. Hooray! Crossing my fingers for a decent sized one to kill the boredom.


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Ii didn't feel the first but someone pointed it out. The 2nd one was just a slow gradual rubble. I was driving when the 4.5 hit so didn't even notice dammit.
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I'm still here!

I know I haven't been doing much social media for the past year or so but I'm working to reestablish my presence. Since I joined Periscope I've found myself using twitter more often, I'm not a fan of the small message limit or lack of format options but it's an easy easy to connect with others from the site. Anyway I wanted to post a list of my other profiles for anyone who prefers using one or the other. I have a big photography series which in releasing in the (hopefully) near future that took the course of a year to finish shooting (didn't spend a whole year taking photos everyday but I have a lot to choose from). I just re added my photos to my Etsy shop, the link is below.

Periscope: emmettlollis
Etsy store:

Finally I wanted to say goodbye to a great man who I never met in person but knew through G+ +Joe Philley​. I try to avoid thinking about his passing because it always gets my eyes watering. I met Joe online during the Ingress beta. He helped get out enlightened team setup through invites and even with a busy schedule, helped with many issues as quirks came up.

I'm also happy to say that I considered him a friend outside the game as well. We shared an interest in aviation and I would discuss personal issues with him on occasion. I missed a chance to meet him during the Tulsa Ingress anomaly due to my mom being released from the hospital right as that was going on but I figured our paths would cross again one day. Sadly they didn't. Rest in peace Joe.

#RIPJoePhilley #mysocialnetworks #photography #photosforsale
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I im there 
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If I've learned one important lesson from Pariscope, it's that lots of people want "open boobs". Is there a breast implant fetish now?

#periscope #trends #funny #openboobs
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Wait for it...

If you listen to the very end you won't be disappointed. We came very close to starting a global war that day and no one knew.

#navy #egos #Atypes #WWIII #humor #funny #joke #video #YouTube #funnyvideo
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+Ruben Alvarez I must say, you truly have good things to say... but you are still lost in translation my friend. I think you need to rethink everything what you just said, you know why? Because its illogical... if the ranchers wanted to decimate his cattles/population of drones.... he should prevent conception or approve abortion, would you not if you are in his shoes?

The reason why the NWO is acting the way they act right now is due to the Alma Mater-rialism Aca-deme wit program and its soupposed science... people totally lost their common sense. Logic is the only dick you need period
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I'm a professional photographer, web designer, computer guru, video producer and artist of sorts. I enjoy taking candid photos of people and places. I love a good thunderstorm. You might find me out chasing tornados or capturing lightning on film. I'm working on several website projects, trying to find the next big thing. I enjoy learning anything I can, you can never have enough knowledge.

Lately I've been doing a lot of HDR photography. HDR opens up a whole new world of creativity, a lot of people don't care for the HDR look but there are many situations HDR is the only usable option and many times it turns an ordinary photo into pure art. I also write articles on photography, Photoshop and technology. Lately a lot of my articles have focused on Social Networking and Google+. 

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