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History Repeats Itself

Just watched COSMOS from this past Sunday. It's an episode about Clair Cameron Patterson, the man who determined the age of the earth but there was an equally important story to tell.

COSMOS also shows how he fought the oil industry against their hired "scientist" to prove that lead is toxic and the oil and gas industry was contaminating every man, woman and child.

It took him 20 years but he finally won. I wonder how many people died in the time it took to fight the interests who were just looking to save money for their corporations vs virtually murdering millions of people.

#bigoil   #oil   #gas   #science   #globalwarming  
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I first learned about this guy (and a gazillion other things) from Bill Bryson's awesome book A Short History of Nearly Everything. It's great that more people hear about him. 
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Probably The Most Moving Thing Patrick Stewart Has Ever Talked About

Patrick Stewart responds to a fans question about his work against domestic abuse and he goes into heart touching detail of not only his work but his personal experiences. This video may even bring a tear to your eye. I suggest passing it on because it's so touching!

#patrickstewart   #abuse   #victims   #ptsd  
Patrick Stewart isn't only a Starfleet captain. He's also a friggin' amazing human being.
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That was amazing. Thank you for sharing.
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+FOX23 News Shared some storm photos from yesterday.

#storms #oklahomastorms #oklahoma  
Storm pictures.
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Same looking clouds here in Ohio today! Creepy looking! 
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This is a long post, if you are interested please expand to see my goals

Anyone have experience or tips for fundraising? I've looked at some of the fundraising websites and they seem to be hit or miss on achieving their goals. My sister used GoFundMe for her cat rescue but even as a charity they kept 9% or so of the funds raised. I'm sure the other sites charge quite a bit as well. I have always hated the idea of asking for handouts but it looks like that may be the only way to get my business off the ground and back on my feet.

I just entered the figures for my business so far this year and my profit sits at $29, not enough to do what I need in order to run my business successfully and I've had a strong urge to make success happen so I don't need to rely on government assistance to get by. I still have a bad back and even began the process of applying for disability but got denied since I didn't get the paperwork in time.

Instead of feeling like a burden on society and my family I want my business to take off, support myself and pay back into the system which has helped me through the past few years. I'm not looking to expand just my photography sales but I am constantly coming up with ideas that I would love to follow through with but don't have the funds to make happen.

I'm hoping someone with experience in fundraising can give me some advice. I'm thinking that I may just accept donations using PayPal on my main website instead of using one of the other fundraising sites or maybe doing a combination. Can anyone out there give me some tips?

My goals in order of importance.

1) File the paperwork to start my LLC S-Corporation so I'm doing things right and not being over taxed. ($150) - I have a friend who's a CPA, this is quite a discount.
2) Open a business and personal checking account. I don't have a personal checking account right now due to a mix up with a payment arrangement deadline at the bank (long story). - I can use the required deposits to fund my business during slump months where I may not make a profit. ($100-200 in deposits for second chance accounts)

Would be great
3) I've been recruited to participate in the next RAW Artist showcase in Tulsa on May 22nd. This is the 2nd time I've been invited and I would love to participate but I have absolutely no prints of my own work on hand to display from my booth which would prevent me from going yet again. High quality prints and gallery wrapped canvas can be very expensive to produce. We are talking $250 and up to have just a small selection of prints on various media to show what I can offer.
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I'll try to remember to give you a call later today when I'm a bit rested.
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Emmett Lollis

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For those who live in Tornado Alley like me this is a good special to watch!
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Did you know that it's a scientific fact that when you find something you lost there is a 100% chance you will find it in the last place you looked?
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That's very true +Nicolas B.. In my case it's the first place I knew I should have looked but it wasn't a very convenient place to search since it required moving the bed. :)
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Emmett Lollis

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Who else is moving there with me?

FYI, be sure to put +Angeline Stacy in your circles. She always shares great content and deserves a huge following.

#nude   #naked   #munich  
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I hope everyone has a happy holiday weekend!

I've been a little under the weather the past few days but I did manage to setup a holiday sale on my Etsy shop. Just use code EASTER30PCT to receive 30% off your entire order, tomorrow is the last day so don't forget to take advantage!

This particular photo I have listed below remains the most popular photo I've captured in my life. It's from the 2012 solar eclipse. I wasn't expecting much when I set out to take it, in fact I almost didn't bother trying. My lens only extends to 70mm which prevents super close ups and I wasn't even in the zone where I could capture the ring of fire. Knowing how many superb photographers there are with 600mm+ lenses I didn't think I stood a chance at getting noticed. Since in my area it was only visible toward sunset I decided to treat it as a normal HDR sunset photo. I spent a while editing the HDR options on the photo, I had a very specific look in my head that I wanted to achieve but of course Photomatix decided that the image in my head shouldn't be achievable through the various options. Eventually this look caught my eye and I went with it. Eventually the post hit #1 in the trending list which is an amazing honor given all the beautiful photos posted that day. As proof, here is the original post I made that day:

If you are interested in getting your own archive rated Luster print of this photo, here's a direct link:

note:  Sorry for the sales pitches now and then, makes me feel like a used car salesman sometimes! But we all have to earn a living to survive. As time goes on and my back allows me to spend more time actually taking photos I plan on blogging and or vlogging as I learn new styles and techniques and of course most of all I just plain miss having meaningful conversations with my G+ friends. :)

#photography #solareclipse #eclipse #photosforsale #sunsetphotography  
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+Jake Carter It's the view from across the street from my driveway. I get tons of beautiful sunsets from here. Unfortunately they installed telephone polls across the street now so it kind of ruins my driveway view.
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Good morning Google+ friends!
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I'm fine ! :D
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CERN Conforms Exotic Hadrons

Does this mean the Ingress story line is actually true? O_O. Seriously though this is a fantastic breakthrough in science!

#Science   #scienceeveryday   #Ingress   #enlightened   #resistance  +Joe Philley +John Hanke 
LHCb confirms existence of exotic hadrons

The LHCb collaboration today published an unambiguous observation of an exotic particle that cannot be classified within the traditional quark model.

Image shows the LHCb experiment at underground Point 2 on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The prominent tube is the LHC beam pipe, in which protons circulate at close to the speed of light.

Image credit Anna Pantelia © CERN - for terms of use see
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Unfortunately, it's a match in name only; it has too much mass and a charge. Still hoping for WIMPs to be a unit of entropic mass or something.
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I'm a professional photographer, web designer, computer guru, video producer and artist of sorts. I enjoy taking candid photos of people and places. I love a good thunderstorm. You might find me out chasing tornados or capturing lightning on film. I'm working on several website projects, trying to find the next big thing. I enjoy learning anything I can, you can never have enough knowledge.

Lately I've been doing a lot of HDR photography. HDR opens up a whole new world of creativity, a lot of people don't care for the HDR look but there are many situations HDR is the only usable option and many times it turns an ordinary photo into pure art. I also write articles on photography, Photoshop and technology. Lately a lot of my articles have focused on Social Networking and Google+. 

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