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This is craziness and this craziness is also here in southern africa but among others the cause of gayism is our brothers here when sleeping with ladies they don't use the right hole am sorry to say this they use the anus so because of this they don't see the difference between a woman and a man because of this nosense later they start to have the feelings of other men almost many men here are practising this when a ladie is on her periods they go for the other hole almost many men who start having feelings with other men they have been using the second hole i mean how can a man see ur fellow man beautiful and start admiring him?yes this is pure demonic a man seeing ur fellow man beautiful?a man seducing other men he he no no no pipo Emmmanuuuuel!watch this´╗┐
Wen u have been delivered you look now like you are clever yes the devil likes to destroy the ones who are called so born again and he has his own tricks that when he catches you he will tie you from behind and hide yes it even comes to a point like Jesus is a failure a christian at this point can give up yes because you shout now Jesus but receives no help .there are many christian who are passin this i don't want tu sin but iam forced to sin huum so what can happen if such people die is it hell?even me myself i ve been fighting with generation curse when i pray with Tb j i can see the spirit but i cant conquer it when i send my request the spirit disappear like for 2 weeks then it will take more spirits to fight i know the battle soon will be over but what happens when i die now?it's hell ´╗┐
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