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Thank you JESUS for the wonderful beautiful new year 2017 in JESUS name ,Amen. Thank for your senior prophet TB JOSHUA in our generation today. Oh! Lord pour more anointing upon him in Jesus name,Amen!

Amen! Thank you Lord Jesus! Emmanuel!

Amen. I m blessed by the new year prayer from my father in the Lord, my coach, my mentor , my teacher and my role model, Prophet TB Joshua. I m renew and restore by the prayer. Thank you Jesus for making it possible for me to know you through the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua. 
Thank you prophet for ushering us to the new amen in Jesus name
Thank you Jesus for the wonderful year 2017,Amen.
Am praying for my company i have mamono security cc. My father in there heaven just send your take my duty to deliver my message any a poor person.
My company now 4 years never stated until when father.i think i deliver different town now.why?father i give everything in the name of jesus.Amen.
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