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San Francisco Fleet Week 2015 with Photographer Emmanuel Canaan

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Emmanuel Canaan​ captures the wonder of human flight better than almost any other photographer on 500px.

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Check out my fall colors air-to-air photo shoot with a beautifully restored Boeing Stearman. 

#aviation #boeing #stearman #fallcolors #fall #airtoair #avgeek #minnesota #minneapolis #princeton

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Honored to have had the chance to meet some living legends right out of the history books a few days ago. The first picture is with Buzz Aldrin, the lunar module pilot of Apollo 11, and the second man on the moon. The second picture is with Harrison Schmitt, the lunar module pilot of Apollo 17 and the last man on the moon. 

I told Harrison that I have two little boys at home that I hope will one day be inspired by the feats he has accomplished. As soon as I mentioned that, he spontaneously produced two signed moon "rocks" and told me to give these to them someday. 

Also had a chance to briefly meet Colonel Curt Brown, six time space shuttle astronaut and commander of STS-95 which brought John Glenn back to space. He has spent cumulatively over 57 days in space.

Wow, still a bit in shock at having spent the evening listening to a couple of guys give FIRSTHAND accounts of what it was like to travel to the moon! The event was a fundraising effort by Airspace Minnesota ( to provide resources and opportunities for our youth to become the next generation to go on and do bold things. I can only hope that my children will be inspired one day to reach for the stars.

Many thanks to the amazing astronauts for their time, Airspace Minnesota for hosting the event and for their efforts to inspire a new generation.
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