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ESB is qualified & experienced to deliver professional compliance migration support services amongst others to guide you through this extensive process, assisting you by improving your competitiveness in setting-up & maintaining a business in Australia or detailed Professional Reports to support your visa application!
ESB is qualified & experienced to deliver professional compliance migration support services amongst others to guide you through this extensive process, assisting you by improving your competitiveness in setting-up & maintaining a business in Australia or detailed Professional Reports to support your visa application!


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ESB Professional Services:

ESB has over 20 years’ experience and are highly qualified to deliver services to Business Owners, Migration Agents and their clients (Migrants) throughout Australia, to guide them through the complex process to improve their competitiveness in successfully having visas granted and assisting with all ongoing Professional Business Services to achieve long-term financial security, offering our services with uncompromising quality and professional service providers, complying with our various Professional Codes of Conduct and all relevant Australian Regulatory Bodies including but not limited to: DIBP, ASIC, ATO, HR and IR laws and regulations.

Our service area is throughout ALL of Australia and we will respond to your requests within a timely manner and offer commission to remunerate you for your time and efforts on individual case files!

Upon engaging in our Professional Services we provide customised checklists to gather appropriate information so we can complete every case file in an effective, efficient and timely manner taking the stress away from you as with all our valued clients!

ESB provide accurate and quality services while also demonstrating model, ethical behaviour and leadership in the areas of included but not limited to:

a. Establishment of an Australian registered corporation/company by CPA Accountant -

These services include: Professional Fees and third party disbursements; Client Checklists & Associated Documentation; Company Name Searches; Government Fees & Charges including Legal fees/ legal constitution. ASIC fees including 12 months’ registration. All ATO (BAS; GST: PAYG; AUS Key) Registrations. All consultations on company structures in-line with your business, industry and legislative requirements.

b. Professional Business Plan -

preparing realistic, detailed and an achievable business plan, based on a client’s history building on client’s goals to be achieved in Australia. We customise it to the client’s audience, industry and negotiate every detail with the client while addressing all legislative requirements.
Our business plans include but are not limited to: declaring vision and strategy alongside sub-plans covering marketing, finance, operations, human resources and other mandatory legislative requirements related to this process (training and Labour Resources). (Legal aspects if required).

c. Preparation of an auditable Training Plan and Program/s -  

with self-paced delivery/checklists compliant with Dept. of Immigration & Border Protection requirements, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Laws including industry and legislative requirements (price to be confirmed once company size and no. of employees is determined).
We help you to build your internal policy and procedural manuals including internal controls.
Based on annual salary projections. This is a mandatory amount imposed by statutory legislation.

d. Prepare auditable Training Plans for Occupational Trainee stream sub-class 402 visa -  

in consultation with your employer and Professional Registered Migration Agent and/or legal Migration Representative. Our experts work closely with you customising your training plan to enhance your skills in compliance to Australian standards in your current occupation, area of tertiary study or field of expertise.

e. Professional Detailed Labour Market Testing Reports -

ESB assists our clients by attracting, selecting and retaining the highest quality of human resources talent. Our aim is to assist our clients in permanent staff recruitment and temporary staffing for either single, large volume or ongoing staffing requirements to improve your business & skilled resource/s.

f. ESB provide Professional Market Salary Rate Reports -

to perform compensation market salary rate research, benchmarking and set salary ranges to attract, select and retain the highest quality of human resources that reflects real-time market pay grades.

g. Genuineness of the Nominated Position Reports -

ESB provide detailed industry and company research to prepare a thorough, detailed and analytical report in support of the Genuineness of the Nominated Position and Need of the nominee in your company structure.

h. Employment contract/s -

outlining detailed terms and conditions of employment, compliant with Human Resource, Industrial Relations and other relevant regulatory bodies.

i. Detailed Employment Offer Letter -

containing the conditions of employment that were discussed during interview and job offer process, the position, start date, location and compensation rates. This document protects all parties, once signed are considered legal documents and can also be used to resolve any disputes or miss-conceptions relating to employment terms.

j. We offer clients Professional Bookkeeping Services -  

to ensure clients understand their obligations and are kept up-to-date with any statutory changes including all Ethical and Legal tax deductions. ESB will set-up and maintain, record and report all business transactions in MYOB (our preferred accounting software packaged designed for Australian Tax laws). Our Clients do NOT have to purchase this program and the regular updates, this is part of our service to you as our clients. We prepare financial reporting (tailored to business requirements), and timed to present in co-ordination with your Quarterly Business Activity Statements, GST and PAYE obligations and instalments.
If you follow our filing guidelines this will be a minimal cost to your company which expenses
are a 100% tax deduction.

k. End of year Company and Individual Taxation Returns -  

ESB can help you with all your taxation needs to ensure you receive the best solution  (however, if you already have an Accountant in Australia we hand over all MYOB reports at the end of the financial year therefore minimising your accounting fees).

Additional Services:

Other services include Professional Resumes, Cover Letters & Employee Mentoring services - to exceed industry & Australian Benchmark standards, making you 'stand out' from other applicants.


Up-front quotations will be provided based on occupation, industry, business size, business location and other legislative requirements.

Total Case Management:

ESB services will ensure complete compliance with all statutory and legislative requirements. We will deliver total case management and answer all regulatory requirements, in consultation and under the direction of the client - Business Owners/ Managers Professional Registered Migration Agent/Legal Professional.


We ensure our services are available to you on an on-going basis, meeting your required timeframes. We are determined to assist you to create a strong financial future for you and your clients. Our service area is throughout Australia and we also work with clients while they are off-shore.

As qualified service providers we maintain auditable files for a 7- year period in the event you require additional evidence on individual cases files.

We are also happy to negotiate packaged prices or some packaged services as outlined above can be broken down into specific and individual services. We would also like the opportunity to price match our competitors, to ensure you and your clients continue to receive professional compliance support services with uncompromising high-quality workmanship.

Please feel free to ask questions regarding this proposal and any other ideas you may have and we will be happy to assist you.

Yours sincerely,
B Bus (Acc) CPA
ASA (Auditor)
Registered Educator / Trainer and Assessor
Certified Recruitment & Selections Manager
Business Advisor


Skype Username: esb_pathwaystoemployability


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