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A nerdy ballerina.
A nerdy ballerina.

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Social Signals are Not Part of the Algorithm

In what seemed to partially be in response to the correlation studies performed last year on social signals as a ranking factor, AJ throws in his two cents as to why social signals aren't part of Google's ranking algorithm. 

So why are experts in the industry listing social signals as a ranking factor in correlation studies?

Memorable content tends to get shared... and linked to

☞ Creating memorable content has a much higher likelihood of getting shared and reshared socially.
☞ The more content is shared, the more likely it is to earn links by someone who found it memorable.
☞ The more trustworthy inbound links a page earns, the more likely it is to increase its visibility in organic search for relevant search queries. 

Long story short, the number of creators following someone who shares your content is important.


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Man, I love this company.

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Getting clean links from affiliates IS possible!  // New on the  +SEER Interactive blog

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If I was at #MozCon...

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Thanks Mike :)
LOVE this new post from +Emma Still.  As an avid HARO user, this is a really good post on how to get even more out of the service.     

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Using this all the time - hope it helps others too! 

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And I had the immense pleasure to be interviewed by +Alessio Madeyski !! :) Thanks Alessio!
I have the immense pleasure to talk to +Emma Still about SEO and life in general! Enjoy the new episode of Meet your Marketer interview series! 

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Saying goodbye to California.

Thanks for putting this together, +Chris Countey ! I'll be Philly-bound in a couple of weeks so this is a great :)

Please take a few minutes to read the following pieces, which have inspired me to ask you all the following question: 

When it comes to content marketing: quality or quantity? Should we be holding content to a higher quality standard, in true perfectionist fashion, only publishing what we know kicks ass... or produce mass amounts of answers to consumers' insatiable and never-ending questions? I'm curious what you all think.
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