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I learned about a month ago of these Fairy Pools on Skye
So on Tuesday on my way home I was delighted that I could book a ferry that didn't leave Uig till 6pm giving me time for a little detour :)
It was worth it!.

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Buen lugar para caminar. Me gusta. Muy bonito. ¿Son fotos realizadas por ti?
Sorry +César Charlón I do not know Spanish. Yes it is a fantastic place for walking and the photo's are taken by me.
But some of us just can't stay away... :0)
Pues perdona +Emma Mitchell yo de momento no puedo escribir en Inglés, espero hacerlo en breve. Gracias por enseñar sitios bonitos y por ser fotos propias
:) Just a little troll!. ..but you have alerted me to how Google and Picasa are one and the same of which I had no idea. When did that happen or has it always been?.
Thanks, Emma: there's deep truth there.

And I don't feel quite so bad about being a troll now.
Picasa has always been a Dominion of the Greater Empire of Google. They've been gathering the clans over the past few months, as I'm sure you've noticed, so one profile now gets you into G+, Gmail, Blogger,, documents, etc etc etc.
Mmm..I'd sort of kinda noticed. I am always scared of being part of something BIG...I will stay around as long as it amuses me and I am learning. 
:D and I need to sit down and figure this and getting somebody to pay me for something..somewhere!. For now I'm off out to sit amongst lesser known standing stones (If they are standing stones Margaret Curtis says) and ponder my purpose. Not too long though I have a teenager's wishes to cater to. (Pick me up from school, feed, deliver to harp lesson, collect harp after harp lesson, return home for a while, collect teenager from movie).. :D  
I thought when Sprogs 4 and 5 left home, I'd get some quality evening time at home. But Sprog 6 has made a ton of new fiends an hour's drive away. Truly, demand expands to absorb capacity.

Rereading for typos, I see I've maligned Sprog 6's new friends. There is only one fiend in this equation.
I went to Skye years ago, afore the bridge, it was 30c and the locals were complaining, "Och, it's too hot". Lovely place.
Here on the northwest corner of the continent we don't get much variation in temperature. Even on the south coast of England 30c is a fairly unusual hot Summers day.
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