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Emma Mildon
Your Spiritual Personal Assistant aka. PA for the soul
Your Spiritual Personal Assistant aka. PA for the soul

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I’ve never felt the need for a goddess rant but guess what. Today, I broke.
I got dished one of those negative comments that stuck to the ankle of my soul and I couldn’t quite shake. It got me thinking. And boy, did I ponder this one! Details in video… haha
Conclusion: Those who don’t embrace change, resist advancements, fight expansion, hate on development, poo-poo to improvement, and dis evolutionary thoughts and thinking are going to left behind quick in this current, conscious, complimentary day and age. So I ask you, don’t hate on it, don’t just embrace it, be it – be that change.
For those curious, I vented my goddess rant below. Would love to know your thoughts. Dang. Evolve it or lose it people.
#EvolutionOfGodess #GoddessRants

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Emma Mildon, The Spiritual PA, has your top wellbeing and holistic travel tips for modern soul searcher's #missionwellness

From crystals, how to balance your chakras, to soul food on the go, and aromatherapy!

Someone should seriously invent travel soul aid kits with mini versions of all things crystals and chakra oils to help your soul fly!

Speaking of wellbeing innovations, +EVEN Hotels and +Well+Good have teamed up and created a contest to find the next healthy travel innovation called “Mission Wellness.”

One winner will be awarded the following prize, providing incredible exposure and publicity to put your company on the healthy travel map!

· Featured spot on a Times Square Billboard
· Advertising and editorial coverage on Well+Good
· Product placement in multiple EVEN Hotels
· Feature on
· Cash prize

Find out more here

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Peace out, bad vibes. ✌9 Spiritual Reads That Never Fail To Boost My Good Vibes... +mindbodygreen +Danielle LaPorte +Gabrielle Bernstein +Andy Puddicombe +Shannon Kaiser

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I'm so excited to launch 'The Essential Guide To Dream Interpretation' with mindbodygreen. The perfect online course for all you dream junkies out there. Get set to ‪#‎dream‬ big soul searchers!

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Featuring +Gabrielle Bernstein  +Rebecca Campbell +Shannon Kaiser Amy Mercree and Emma Mildon 

Do you want to know how to create your best life? Are you craving more fulfillment, excitement or just plain awe? Look no further than these powerful wellness guru gals who are blazing a trail to happiness.

Each one posting inspirational nuggets of wisdom, love and positive pops of joy. All on a mission to help you feel connected to your gorgeous self.

If you are looking for a little pick me up, if even just for a moment, these 5 leading ladies in wellness will spark your connection to your ideal life.

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I'm excited to announce the launch of my first +mindbodygreen courses! #Crystals 101: How To Use Crystals To Clear Negativity, Attract Love & Heal Yourself Naturally. Available online now...

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Excited to announce my free webinar with +mindbodygreen on all things crystal love...

Learn all about using crystals for better intimacy w/@EmmaMildon next Wednesday, 5/1. Register below!

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The Spiritual PA has some exciting news for all your #crystal, #dream and #tarot junkies out there!
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