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Emma McGowan
Emma McGowan is a veteran blogger and regular contributor to Bustle,, KillerStartups, and MiKandi.
Emma McGowan is a veteran blogger and regular contributor to Bustle,, KillerStartups, and MiKandi.


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This Virtual Reality Experience Shows What Facing Abortion Clinic Protesters Is Really Like — And It's Making An Impact
Abortion clinic protestors are the worst of the worst, but with this new VR experience, they may actually be HELPING the pro-choice movement.

"At abortion clinics across the country, women and their companions are faced with harassment — and sometimes even physical violence — as they try to access safe and legal abortions. Protesters range from Catholics silently doing the rosary to members of anti-choice groups and churches who scream, call names, and may even attempt to physically block clinic access. It’s a horrifying situation for people who are often already going through a really hard time, but it’s a situation that you can’t truly understand unless you’ve been in it yourself. Until now."

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Coup, A Resistance-Themed Bar In New York City, Donates All Profits To Organizations Threatened By Trump
If Trump has driven you to drink... (Go to the club!)

"If you’re anything like me, the 2016 election, the inauguration, and the subsequent quick succession of executive orders that seemed aimed at destroying everything I love about America have driven you nuts more than once in the past few months. Well, if you live in New York City, you can now put that despair to good use. Ravi DeRossi, Sother Teague, and Max Green of DeRossi Global — which owns of some of the hippest, most famous bars in New York City — have opened a “non-profit cocktail bar.”"

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Camp AMAZE Will Help Kids And Parents Prep For Summer Camp With Puberty And Sex Ed Videos
Sex ed videos you probably wish you had.

"The weather is heating up. The sun is shining. Kids can see the finish line for the school year — and families are thinking about summer camp. While I was the Wednesday Addams of my summer sleep away camp the one time I tried it, I know that for a lot of people camp was a really important, exciting part of their childhood. And it’s also a time when kids might have more adult-type experiences — but their parents aren’t around to help. That’s where a new online sex and puberty education platform called AMAZE comes in."

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7 Ways To Actually Celebrate Women's Health Week, Because Now's The Time To Call Your Senator & Protest AHCA
Trump says he cares about women. *Cue raucous laughter

"President Trump is all about helping women this week — or at least that’s what a Mother's Day statement from the White House kicking off Women's Health Week would have us a believe. Women’s Health Week, which runs from May 14-May 20 this year, is a state-sponsored week to drum up awareness about women’s health issues. The timing is jarring this year, considering it started just a week and a half after the House passed a White House-supported bill that would, if it became law, endanger the health of millions of American women."

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What Happens To Women In States With Only One Abortion Clinic
Spoiler: It's not great.

"Abortion is a constitutionally protected medical procedure in the United States of America. Despite that fact, there are a growing number of restrictions to access to abortion across the country. And in seven states — Kentucky, Mississippi, West Virginia, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming — one of those restrictions is the fact that there is only one abortion clinic. Anti-abortion activists consider this a win, but what’s the reality for women on the ground? What happens to women when their state has only one abortion clinic? 'Women deserve access to abortion no matter where they live in the country,' Hillary Schneller, staff attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights tells Bustle. 'States that have one clinic are clearly not meeting that basic need.'”

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Planned Parenthood Responds After Trump Signs A Bill Stripping Title X Funds
They just won't give up, will they?

"Thought Planned Parenthood was safe after the Obamacare replacement bill failed to pass last month? Think again. Today, President Trump signed a measure that could potentially strip Title X funds from the women who need them. Title X has existed since 1970 and it allocates money to family planning services for low income women — including those provided by Planned Parenthood. In 2015 alone, Title X funding helped health care centers across the country provide 800,000 Pap smear tests, 1 million breast exams, and 6 million STI tests. Notice anything missing from that list? That’s right: Abortions."

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Being A Woman Is A Pre-Existing Condition In Trump's America
As if we didn't already know that Trump's Washington wasn't so great to women...

"The House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act on Thursday, and one thing is clear: In Trump’s America, being a woman is a “preexisting condition.” And if this law passes the Senate, insurance companies will be able to charge you as much as they want if you have a preexisting condition. While the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) brought historic changes to the health care industry when it comes to reproductive health and women’s health, the AHCA would strip many of those hard-won gains. "

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When Do You Reach Your Sexual Peak? Here's What Science Says

"I’ve always heard that men hit their sexual peak at age 17 and women at age 35 — and I didn’t really question it. But if you think about it for a minute, that’s pretty terrible news for women who have sex with men and men who have sex with women. Those numbers imply that boys are at their best sexually before they even officially become men and that by the time women are ready to go, those dudes are 17 years into a long, slow decline. Because that’s how a peak works: You go up one side, hit the top, and then go back down the other. Depressing AF, am I right? But when you actually examine the idea of 'sexual peak,' things get a bit more complicated than those two numbers alone could ever communicate."

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9 Reasons To End A "Happy" Relationship
And what does "happy" really mean, anyway?

"You can never truly know what’s going on inside someone else’s relationship. What looks like a “happy” relationship from the outside is always more complicated than that one word could describe. And, leaving that particular couple and their circumstances aside for now, there a few reasons why you might choose to end a relationship that other people — or maybe even you — call 'happy.'"

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7 Things To Tell Yourself When You're Waiting For Someone To Text You Back
Because waiting is the actual worst.

"Waiting for someone to text you back sucks. The thoughts that run through you’re head when you’re in those initial stages of dating someone — the stages when you don’t really know them yet and you definitely don’t know their phone habits — can be really stressful. Maybe he hates me. Maybe she thinks I’m too thirsty. Maybe I smelled weird on our date. Maybe I shouldn’t have had slept with them so quickly. Maybe they’ve met someone else. Maybe, maybe, maybemaybemaybe…” There’s probably no other time when we’re more likely to, a) be unkind to ourselves and, b) make up all kinds of stories in our heads."
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