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Emma Martin
Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.
Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.

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The best entertainment for your wedding, get the party started with a photo booth! #klikphotobooth #photoboothcyprus #limobooth

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A 'Love'ly day - Valentines 2017
You may remember previous years posts about Valentines day, and how we don't really celebrate it in our house,  by 'we' I meant of course Aaron - for the last couple of years I've done something small to mark the occasion with the boys but we've not exchang...

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I'd hashtag the hell out of it but that's probably the blogger in me!

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Daxi Business Awards 2016
Saturday night was the eagerly awaited 4th Daxi Business Awards, I'd been looking forward to the evening since leaving the last one - and we were almost the very last to leave! The run up to the awards saw lots of planning, and chat - not so much about the ...

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All dressed up - Flashback Friday
I've been looking through piles of old photos for inspiration for a Flashback post, and between my Mum and I we have A LOT of them.  I love old photos and they provide an almost endless supply of blog inspiration when I get round to it. Scrolling through th...

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2016 Flashbacks - Part 4
October is a favourite month of mine, it starts of still being ever so hot, and soon cools enough to spend time in the sun without feeling like you are going to melt! We started the month with the  Daxifest Charity Festival,   we were working with the Photo...

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2016 Flashbacks - Part 3
Our summer is long here in Cyprus, not only because of the heat, but also the fact that the schools close for 13 weeks and the summer holiday starts in mid June.  Add that to the fact that for most people I know here it is the busiest time of year where man...

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2016 Flashbacks - Part 2
Continuing with my flashback posts of 2016 (you can find part 1 here ) we are moving onto April, when apparently I declared that Summer was beginning and we had several Sunday afternoons down at our new favourite beach . We went exploring again and rediscov...

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Well, you've got to test the photo booth every event! ;) #photobooth   #Cyprus  
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