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Emma Duke-Williams
Educational Technologist - with a love of travel and photography outside work.
Educational Technologist - with a love of travel and photography outside work.

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I'm Emma, now based in Dundee, Scotland, though was previously based in Portsmouth, England.

I'm hoping to manage to join in fully this year - as I have a wee bit of time next week (she says hopefully!)

Where as previously I was an academic, lecturing in Computing, but with my main interest in IT to support learning, I'm now an Educational technologist, so doing more of the supporting staff & students to use the various tools, as well as doing some of the back end stuff.

Still really interested in how informal tools can be used by staff/students to facilitate their learning - both formally & informally. 

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Ohh.. I got mentioned. Best like it :)

Google Chrome
Is being rather annoying.
A while ago, it started using a US keyboard, despite the fact that it's set to UK English in Chrome, in Windows - and was quite happily acting as a UK keyboard in all other programs.
Then it stopped - and started working normally.
Today, I'd found that it started spell checking in US English, though @ and " were still in the UK locations.
So, went into settings, re-set the spelling to UK - and told Chrome to display in UK English. I even removed US English.
So, what's it doing?
Spelling checking is still in UK English.
The keyboard is still US. :( [In Chrome - everything else is perfectly happy!]) 

I'm not really new to G+, have been using it for ages, but I am new to "New Google Plus"
Where has the link to add categories for a community gone? I was trying to help someone this morning & couldn't find it anywhere. The searching I have done takes me back to the help pages for the old G+; the new help pages just don't mention them; yet they're very useful. (e.g. I see that you require them!)

Going slightly mad here ... I've been looking at communities on the New Google+. How on earth do I add categories. It's very obvious on the old one; searching only takes me to the instructions for the old one. Is that one of the "new & improved" changes??

I'm investigating sharing OneNote books & suspect that problem that I'm having is that one of the two accounts is a work one that's using Sharepoint etc., etc, etc., 
I have a note book on that & I have a notebook on my personal hotmail a/c [I don't need to share them for work etc., but want to demonstrate to others that it's possible. Or perhaps not ...]
I have shared them both with the other address. 
Personal one shared to Work address
Clicking either the name of the notebook or the "Open in OneDrive" takes me to the login, but, whereas normally entering my work address would switch me to the work login, it doesn't; just says name/password wrong. 
Going directly to OneDrive and/or list of notebooks - it's not there. 
Sharing Work on to Personal a/c
It sent the email, however, when I then tried to login to see the notebook, it told me I (i.e. personal email address) wasn't a member of the workplace, so I couldn't login. 

Is this fairly typical of the way business Office 365 / sharepoint are generally set up, or is it a more secure than normal. 

I've yet to try sharing with a colleague, but I'd assume that would work. I've had no problems sharing between personal accounts.  

Given that G+ requires people are in a circle, if you delete the circle, what happens to those contacts who're not in another circle? Does it warn you, or do they just evaporate?

Hi +Manish Malik +Manish Malik  - 
Your name cropped up in conversation today with +Natalie Lafferty +Natalie Lafferty (I seem to have two entries for both of you!) 
- we were talking about alternatives to clickers - using Mobile phones. Was it AllTheVotes that you were using, Manish? How did that go? Did you have many (granted probably even fewer now) students who didn't have phones (or, perhaps more likely, those with limited / PAYG plans who weren't keen to use them for uni.) 

Does anyone have any experience of Chrome plugins that for screen casting?
I've tried several on Windows 7, all have caused Chrome to crash as soon as I started to use them. I've tested them in a new profile which has nothing else in it. 
It's WIndows 7 & a work PC, so wondering if they have blocked all screen recording extensions - though all other extensions install - as did the screen capture ones; they just didn't get any further. 
I've tried the same extensions in a Mac (El Capitan). 
Chrome thinks it's upto date (Version 49.0.2623.110 m ) 
Any suggestions?? 

[The ones I've tried are: 
MediaCore Capture
TechSmith Snagit for Chrome
... then I got a bit bored of having to keep restarting chrome. 

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This is rather neat (though I'd prefer it were it to be done with bottles of bitter lemon, as I don't actually like Cola - of any variety!) 
Like magic. +Coca-Cola folds their packaging into Cardboard viewers.
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