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I just tried out CoderBuddy, and it blew my mind. It looks like some kind of boring wysiwyg site building, but it is not that.

CoderBuddy is a cloud-based development environment for Google AppEngine. So you create a (python) project and code it up entirely in your browser, preview it, all sorts of very cool stuff, then push it to a live appengine instance.

If you've used AppEngine at all, you owe yourself half an hour to play with it. Sign in with your google credentials, create a new guestbook app, and start with the clicky clicky.

This is something I've been wanting for ages! Cloud based web development potentially craps all over local machine based work. Just imagine the collaboration potential, especially on small, light apps where you really don't need the heavyness of full source code control.

It's still early days, to be sure, but it's usable now, and feels like something that's absolutely going in the right direction.
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Very cool! Thanks!
Can you use the term "VB of the...." in a good way?
Thanks Emlyn!!! Yes, just Python currently. We welcome feedback on add'l languages and/or hosting platforms you'd all like us to support next.
Cool, thanks Emlyn, those sound great, we're headed in those directions!
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