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Building awareness, engaging audiences, driving sales

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In the fourth of our 'PR director of the future' blog series, we interviewed
Rachel Matthews, strategic B2B communications leader at Cisco, on what she believes the PR industry needs to do in the future.

"What we need is to redefine PR, and then in-house teams need to re-educate the business on what PR actually is and the value of communications as a whole." — Rachel

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Launching Wildfire's latest content campaign: THE PR DIRECTOR OF THE FUTURE

What is PR’s role in an integrated ‘comms’ function? Does “PR” even mean anything any more? What does the PR director of the future look like?

If PR directors cannot answer those questions then the CMO will be more than happy to eat their lunch... 

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The UK electronics systems industry employs more than a million people, contributing over 5% to UK GDP — so why has no-one heard of ARM? Wildfire's Ben Smith discusses...

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Leaders of 147 nations met in Paris this week to reach a deal to reduce global CO2 emissions and limit global warming to 2°C.

Hosted by the UN, this is the 21st annual meeting, so why is this particular conference set to make a difference?

Our newest recruit Kiran Saini discusses.

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What do journalists believe is the future of tech journalism? Wildfire's +Alex Perryman discusses advertorial, click bait and journalistic integrity, which was debated at a PRCA event last week between:
- +ben rooney (editor in chief, Informilio)
- Charles Arther (former tech editor, The Guardian)
- +Alex Wood (editor in chief, The Memo)
- +Sam Shead (technology reporter)
- +Hannah Bouckley (content manager of tech and gadgets,

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Don't get +Juliet Philip a satnav for Christmas... She'll throw it straight in the bin!

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We won! "This award is testament to the great people that work at Wildfire and the outstanding work they do for our clients." — Louise Andrews, associate director, Wildfire

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Yep, you've read correctly. An emoji has been deemed "word of the year" by Oxford Dictionaries. Here's +Ella Delancey explaining why the world needs to lighten up a bit and embrace change.

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Get comfortable folks, it's story time from +Paula Fifield .

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How about some decent mobile coverage at home? Oh, and a new iPad too... +Juliet Philip tells us what she's hoping from Santa this year.
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