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Let's take a moment to appreciate how challenging it must have been for that couple to get busy in an MRI machine.. Did they at least get to listen to some mood music?
Ever Wanted to Watch Sex Inside an MRI Machine?

+The Huffington Post shared a video that reveals what our bodies look like on the inside when we're having sex, using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology.

Watch the full NSFW video:

Emily Morse

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More claims against the G-Spot!
What are you thoughts on the mysterious G-Spot?
Is the CUV region the new G-Spot?

New data from Italian researchers suggests that the area responsible for vaginal pleasure may be far larger than just a G-Spot. 

Research from Nature Reviews points instead to a "CUV region" that encompasses the clitoris, urethra, and vagina.

This new knowledge may help people better understand pleasure and sexual response, and could even inspire some new sex toys!

#SexyScience   #CUVRegion  
The G-Spot may not exist after all — but a much larger area may responsible for female pleasure.

Emily Morse

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Baci Selfie Contest Would you enter this?

Baci Lingerie has launched a #BaciSelfie social media contest on Facebook in celebration of the release of its new “Dreams Hosiery” collection.

The contest invites consumers to submit photos of themselves wearing Dreams Hosiery with everyday attire (for example, “Nurse” thigh highs with denim shorts, “Cop” fishnets under a pencil skirt, etc.). Entries will be posted to the #BaciSelfie Contest app on the Baci Lingerie Facebook page, where votes will be tallied to determine the winners.

From Baci Selfie Contest-


Emily Morse

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Did you know that there are over 15 million swingers in the world? Check out my latest #podcast  to learn all about the world of swinging! Author Daniel Stern is here to talk about his book "Swingland" and how he learned to navigate "The Lifestyle."


Emily Morse

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Recently, a man saved a woman from a would be attacker by kicking him with a flying kick of justice! Read more on the #blog!


Emily Morse

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Some people call it a "blowy," "sucking the chrome," a "hummer" or "head banging" others call it a blow job. Whatever you call it, this blog is all about how to do it, when and how often to do it.


Emily Morse

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ESPN just released their annual body issue and it's turning heads! Take a look at the #blog  to see pictures of the "6 Best Bodies" in sports!


Emily Morse

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Anyone down for lounging around today?
Lounge chair oooooorrr......?

Find it here

Emily Morse

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Geeks have a secret arsenal on their side... ;)
Geeks are Sexy!

Popular sex expert +Emily Morse compiled the top five reasons why "geeks get the girl." Emily writes that these nerdy guys are "intelligent, resourceful and clever," and always eager to learn.

Why date a nerd? Emily says that with geeks, you're always learning something new. Their passion for knowledge might even extend to the bedroom—according to a scientific study, geeks are more concerned with their partner's sexual pleasure than jocks, on average.

Do you find nerds attractive? Are you a sexy geek yourself?
Full Article:

Emily Morse

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California is all about anal sex.. Any surprises there?

Recent studies in 2014 show that approximately 1 in 3 Americans have tried anal sex.. but a fetish? What do you guys think?
This fetish map  from the +The Kinsey Institute lists the most popular sexual proclivity in each state.

Is the fetish for your state what you would have expected?

Emily Morse

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The Dr. is in! Have a question you want to ask me? I'm here to answer your sex, relationship (and everything in between questions)!! Tweet me @SexWithEmily EVERY Wednesday from 12:30 - 1:00 pm PST. #‎SexWithEmily‬ ‪#‎ASKEMILY

Emily Morse

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Ever get a glimpse of your caveman (or cavewoman) side? Wonder how our evolutionary history affects the way you love today? Read the #blog  to learn more about how we're not so different today than we were so long ago!

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