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A Wichita company, BoldChat, has come up with a way to help customer service reps manage all the different communications their customers are using, including — soon — Twitter. I'm curious: Have you ever obtained customer service on Twitter? Or a different social network?
Twitter says that, as of November, about 200 million tweets are going out on its...
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Twitter's been a good place to get customer service, though I don't think it scales as-is. Waste Management has some obviously clueless folks running their  customer service, but they at least made some flailing attempts to fix the problems after the Lies acquisition. Emails went ignored, but Twitter got some response. Ditto Scholastic, when I mocked a binding that dissolved midway through a book's first reading. AT&T is hamhanded: requesting customers to follow a rep (whose stream consists of requesting other customers to follow them) before they'll help (via DM, when half the point of customer service via Twitter is to keep things out in daylight). Cox does a good job (hi, +Will Scroggin) including getting problems from non-customers fixed (as when a storm brought a line down on our street).

And of course there's the whole inteaction with local companies directly, which probably doesn't fall under "customer service" per se.
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