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"Someone is wrong on the internet!"
"Someone is wrong on the internet!"

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+Ludovic Moreeuw has been banned for violating our rules on respect within the community and for repeated violation of our image policy.

For our rules see here:

for our image policy see here:

We had to make the announcement here as he's deleting threads and disabling comments so we can't communicate transparently easily.

thanks! happy posting!

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A thought piece about our fight over xmas from The Economist. I found it on Facebook and the commend were awfully hilarious, spouting how Atheists should be more tolerant and stop being "in people's face". I had to lol.

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This time last year I was sent a wooden cross by the British Legion in time for Remembrance Sunday (in the UK). Thankfully they have not repeated this, and I have ordered white poppies from the Peace Pledge Union, but the (holy) ghost of Christianity still lingers around our memorial rituals. I was sent this link by the National Secular Society.

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I saw this in The Guardian today and it rubs me up the wrong way something chronic. As an atheist I feel he's missed the point. Also he uses the word "hate" a lot. See what you think. 

Good morning you bright things! Does anyone have a spare invite to Google Inbox that I might take you up on?


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What would you have done if you were aboard this flight?

Good morning!

Please be aware that should a post have comments disabled it will be removed. This is a place for open discussion, with aid available from the moderation team if necessary. Threads with comments disabled cannot be moderated, and are no longer discussion, and will be removed. Happy sharing!


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This was too highbrow for facebook. I think +Patrick Jones will get a kick outta this.

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Here is a link to an email exchange between a parent and a school chaplain upon receiving a permission slip to attend a church Easter play. It's hilarious and raises all the usual points about religion being simply silly.

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