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The mean human lifespan is a mere 69.5 years- DO SOMETHING
The mean human lifespan is a mere 69.5 years- DO SOMETHING

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Just announced: $15,000 in Matching Funds for OncoSENS' CONTROL ALT DELETE CANCER campaign to study the lengthening of telomeres - advancing anti-cancer & anti-aging research. They're halfway to the goal, get on it:

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There's seven days left to fund this cancer fighting research from SENS.

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The House of Representatives held a hearing on the deceptively named First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) on July 12. This disgraceful bill distorts the meaning of religious liberty to sanction discrimination.

FADA would let individuals, businesses, taxpayer-funded organizations, and government employees ignore any law that conflicts with one particular religious belief about marriage. As a result, same-sex couples, unmarried couples, couples in which one person had been married before, single mothers, or even anyone who has had sex outside of marriage could face discrimination. The bill would create sweeping religious exemptions for those who object to marriage equality, including government officials who refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Late on June 30, a federal judge in Mississippi struck down a similar law to FADA, saying, the law “does not honor th[e] tradition of religion freedom, nor does it respect the equal dignity of all of Mississippi’s citizens.”

Urge your Representative to speak out in opposition to this discriminatory bill!

Tweet at Speaker Ryan and Rep. Chaffetz:

.@SpeakerRyan @jasoninthehouse FADA distorts religious freedom to allow discrimination. I urge you to stop FADA (HR 2802) now!

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If you've been to any secular/atheist convention in the last five years, you know Sarah Morehead. In brief, Sarah is a tireless volunteer and amazing mother, and her family is in crisis. Her full story is available at the link below, along with a way to offer your financial support right now. If you cannot give, please share, it is vital to this wonderful woman.

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"I first met Homer playing a demo of After the Titans at Nan’s, a local comic and game store. I was surprised at how easy After the Titans was to pick up. My 50 year old dad, who had never understood Magic, was playing and having fun by the end of the evening. I feel like After the Titans is an excellent self-contained card game, without the need to buy a million tiny booster packs. It takes the fun of Magic, takes out all the complicated rules, and adds a neat Greek gods theme!" ―Emerson Haynes

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The campaign to launch our After the Titans Expansion Packs is now live, just in time for Comicpalooza! The goal for this campaign is to get our newly tested and approved Expansion Packs printed and in your hands. This is an all or nothing campaign.

Here's what you can do to support our success:
- Join the campaign at any level
- Share this campaign with others
- Always share using the links on the campaign page
- Leave an enthusiastic comment on the campaign page

Our first goal is to meet 25% of the campaign this first week to get the momentum needed to make this happen. Due to ordering requirements, this is an all or nothing campaign. If you want the Expansion Packs, we need you to share this with your friends.

No idea what After the Titans is? It's a deck-building card game in a 100 card closed set with all the game mechanics of collectible trading card games created independently by two game enthusiasts in Houston.

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Looking to revamp your website? I'm a rare gem: a woman-owned web design business! Let me help you create a professional online presence.

The only notable people in the village were the idiot and the atheist.

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This is why Richard Branson is in my dreams sometimes. He's a magical wizard! I'm looking forward to the success of this holiday un-program at Virgin. Happy, healthy, balanced people don't take advantage of awesome workplaces or their policies - and happy, healthy, balanced people is exactly what this un-policy will create.

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Scientists can now 3D Print Tracheas and test transplants are proving successful. Printing body parts. Yep, we're living in the future.
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