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Saudi Arabia has introduced a series of new laws which define atheists as terrorists, according to a report from Human Rights Watch.
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In case something happens and access is needed to your Google account and you cannot give it, Google has an option for providing your account to up to 10 trusted people:
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That link didn't work: To set up Inactive Account Manager, go to & click on the setup link under Account Management.
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Angels & Demons party tonight. Guess what I am? 
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A hot babe?
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There needs to be a chip delivery service. How else will I eat this guacamole, with my hands? Yes, yes, I shall. 
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You may be familiar with the sentence, "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo," but have you heard of "Shī Shì shí shī shǐ?"
Wikipedia- "The Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den is a 92-character modern poem written in Classical Chinese by Yuen Ren Chao (1892–1982), in which every syllable has the sound shi (in different tones) when read in modern Mandarin Chinese."
« Shī Shì shí shī shǐ »
Shíshì shīshì Shī Shì, shì shī, shì shí shí shī.
Shì shíshí shì shì shì shī.
Shí shí, shì shí shī shì shì.
Shì shí, shì Shī Shì shì shì.
Shì shì shì shí shī, shì shǐ shì, shǐ shì shí shī shìshì.
Shì shí shì shí shī shī, shì shíshì.
Shíshì shī, Shì shǐ shì shì shíshì.
Shíshì shì, Shì shǐ shì shí shì shí shī.
Shí shí, shǐ shí shì shí shī shī, shí shí shí shī shī.
Shì shì shì shì.
« Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den »
In a stone den was a poet called Shi, who was a lion addict, and had resolved to eat ten lions.
He often went to the market to look for lions.
At ten o'clock, ten lions had just arrived at the market.
At that time, Shi had just arrived at the market.
He saw those ten lions, and using his trusty arrows, caused the ten lions to die.
He brought the corpses of the ten lions to the stone den.
The stone den was damp. He asked his servants to wipe it.
After the stone den was wiped, he tried to eat those ten lions.
When he ate, he realized that these ten lions were in fact ten stone lion corpses.
Try to explain this matter.
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If you teach math at a religious school, does that make you a theologician? 
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Today, Missouri S&T is much funny. Very humor. So doggeh.
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Kudos to OkCupid for calling out Mozilla Firefox's bigoted new CEO.  "OkCupid is for creating love."
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Alien Helps Astronaut in Illustration called Help

This is just awesome, and there's more art from this artist!!! Very cool! see below...
Here's a fantastic sci-fi themed illustration called "help" that features an alien helping a wounded astronaut. It was created by Deviant Art user Svjeeta
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