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This is an awesome tool! I've been struggling with something very basic: when I delete things from an array, it doesn't delete everything!

I have a flow that runs three times, each time adding three values to an array and then deleting those values and starting over. I've attached a screenshot of the flow. Basically here it is:

Flow beginning
Set inter = 1
if iter < 4
write tarray to a file
upload the file called tarray + inter + .txt to google drive
delete tarray file that you wrote
remove tarray[0]
remove tarray[1]
remove tarray[2]
(now let's do another upload, just to see if the values of tarray really got deleted)
write tarray to a file
upload that file
delete tarray file
iter = 1 + iter
stop flow

The problem I'm having is that after each round of the if statement, tarray[1] doesn't get deleted! When it goes through the if statement again, at the end of it there are four values in tarray... then five!

I don't know what is going on. Is this a bug? Am I stupid? Probably the latter.... Anyway, thank you in advance for anyone that can point out what I'm doing wrong, or suggest a better way to write this! In the end I want to have a .csv file from which I can tell how long I've been listening to my music. My idea was every time I stopped playing music I would write a line to the csv file, because I want to break it down over time (i. e. be able to see how long I listened to music each day).

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