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Instead of expanding the number of places where people are allowed to shoot their guns, the Senate ought to be enacting legislation to make sure that those who shoot their guns have been screened.

Yesterday the Senate voted 82-12 to advance a dangerous bill, "The Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act," which would threaten conservation of wildlife and habitat, and expand hunting & shooting on federal lands.

It's not too late to act!

The vote, however, was procedural vote to further the debate on the bill, so please take one moment to tell your Senator that you OPPOSE this bill when it's brought up for a final vote.

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"If religious shareholders can do it, why can’t creditors and government regulators pierce the corporate veil in the other direction?" 

The answer to the question is obvious: our Supreme Court has ruled that certain corporations' rights to impose their religious (that would mean Christian) beliefs (that would mean beliefs about the place of women) on others are more important than anyone else's rights.

It's a narrow decision: it only affects the rights of women.

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Live mountain dulcimer performance & then a film at Coastside Film Society 

Tomorrow, Fri @ 7:30 pm in Half Moon Bay

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Back in the early eighties when I was Emerging Technologies/Developer Technologies for PC Week, a new latest-greatest-invention-that-will-make-it-possible-for-everyone-to-create-computer-applications-without-coding showed up on my desk just about weekly.

Not saying this won't happen.  Just saying that I'm very, very, very skeptical.

Talking to a computer is like talking to a genii.  You have to be very careful what you wish for and express your wish clearly.

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House Science Committee makes it clear they don't know what the word "science" means.

Sadly, I'm not kidding.

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All children require attention. The question is what kind of attention do they require?

If we expect prodigies to solve all the world's problems, and in particular, if we expect them to solve the problems WE want them to solve, they will inevitably let us down.

We need to help ALL children learn to channel their interests and native abilities to accomplish what they want to accomplish.

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Friday, May 30 7:30 p.m.

The Coastside Film Society invites you to our GRAND-REOPENING: World War Two Propaganda. 

How animation and shorts made before, 
during and after WW II taught us what to think.
The Coastside Film Society is roaring back in our new venue - the beautiful new Coastside Adult Community Center in Half Moon Bay. 

Come celebrate our grand re-opening and bring your friends. 

It’s an amazing show and we've lowered ticket prices for this special occasion. 

Friday,  May 30, 7:30 p.m. 
Coastside Adult Community Center 
925 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California 94019 

Special grand reopening admission price: $5 for everyone

For the fifth year in a row Karl Cohen, world-renowned film scholar, hosts a night of animation he has assembled for the Film Society. 

This program explores how short films were used to rally the American public to war and then, later, to cool our bloodlust and motivate us to rebuild a world ravaged by war. 

These films provide a fascinating look at how Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Daffy and other animated stars persuaded us to recycle, pay our taxes to buy guns, guns and more guns, and laugh at Hitler. 

Warning: Some of these films were designed to inflame our rage and will now be seen as deeply offensive. 

........   More info at:   ........

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Just your standard 100-foot-long dragon hedge to compliment the yard:
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