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Emilio Bravo
Intentando mejorar cada día.
Intentando mejorar cada día.

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On behalf of the Vaadin Elements Team, I am glad to announce the new version of the gwt-polymer-elements

This is the first stable version; it comes to the scene thanks to the invaluable effort of the GWT team releasing the final version of GWT-2.8.0 with JsInterop.

Main features in this version, apart from non-depending on experimental stuff, are:

- Use Polymer version 1.7.0. Latest versions of all the Polymer elements are bundled.
- Many fixes on how to set type-safe properties and attributes.
- Support Polymer templates data binding from the Java side.
- Load the webcomponents.js polyfill dynamically, and only when the browser does not have a native support for web components.
- Lazy imports for Polymer and elements if they have not been registered yet. This means that now the user can import all the stuff in the host page and use vulcanize or HTTP/2.0 mechanisms to optimize their site.
- Added new collections and elements, so that now it is easier to create PWAs and offline apps: app-elements and platinum-elements.
- New Vaadin elements are available apart from the grid: combo-box, upload, date-picker, context-menu, split-layout, and the new icons.
- The showcase comes with more examples showing hints of using Polymer data binding in UiBinder and Java.
- The showcase also includes an example of how to include, parse and bundle third-party web components in your Maven project, automatically dealing with node, npm, Bower dependencies, and Java generator.

- gwt-polymer-elements:
- gwt-api-generator:

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We are happy to announce that the GPL release of GXT 4.0 is now available. You can download it from our GPL page[1] or find it in our gxt-gpl-release maven repository listed on the GXT Maven Configurations page[2].

Please be sure to review the GPL license requirements on the download page before using the GPL version in your projects. Additional information on open source licensing can be found in the Open Source FAQ[1].

Also, we yesterday released GXT 4.0.1 for customers with a support subscription. This release contains many bug fixes and enhancements listed in the GXT Release Notes page[3].


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Hemos trabajado duro pero ¡ya ha llegado! Tenéis a vuestra disposición una página de #soporte, donde encontraréis respuestas a vuestras consultas. ¡Tenla a mano!

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The GWT world saw a lot of changes in 2015 that will have an impact on the future of GXT and your feedback is very important to us. Help us shape the GXT product roadmap by answering our short customer survey.

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Conoce nuestra hoja de ruta y súbete a Fixner para disfrutar de las novedades y mejoras
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