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Fantastisk sjovt!

Er jeg den eneste, der oplever at listen over venner i Hangouts er usynlige? Hele listen er hvid, men hvis jeg holder musen over, kommer boksen frem med person-oplysninger. Jeg har prøvet at rydde cache. Hjalp ikke.

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Fedt, at nogen deler deres viden gratis. Hvis du vil lære om Responsive design, så er her en oplagt mulighed. Helt gratis.
Hey folks! I'm Brad. Like you guys, I love designing & coding awesome sites. In the past year, I've discovered online teaching — more specifically, Udemy. You may have mixed feelings about Udemy — on one hand, it's a great  resource for learning, but on the other hand, you pay for stuff you can get for free, and you're never really sure of the quality of the content.

Fortunately for me, I've done moderately well on Udemy, because I focus on creating and sharing great quality content. However, lately I've been feeling like Udemy is a means to an end, and mostly a "for profit" venture.

What once excited me about Udemy, now feels more like a single-minded goal to try and make money and trick people into buying content that you can find for free. After all, the way I learned (aside from College) was through free, online resources, like Chris Coyier, Smashing Magazine, and obviously YouTube!

I've been toying with the idea of creating awesome courses, and just sharing them — for free. There's something exciting about that to me: just sharing great content, for people to learn, and to help inspire somebody to take it further! It seems more fulfilling to me than creating courses solely to make a profit.

If you're still with me here, I've done something crazy (to me at least): My top course on Udemy, "Code a Responsive Website with Bootstrap 3", which is regular $150, is now on YouTube. For free — no catches. Just free. I'm very excited, and equally scared — but I think this is the right thing to do.

So, without further ado, I've attached the link to the Playlist that features my entire course for free. If people enjoy it, I plan on uploading all of my past courses, and future courses, to YouTube for free. I hope this adds value to your life in some way, and if you enjoy my videos, please spread the love :)

Merry Christmas.

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Fantastisk :)
Fredags lol :-)


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Nogen der samler på spørgsmål eller svar? ;-)

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Wow, min far har vidst forstået at lange artikler er godt mht SEO. Over 21.000 ord!

Siger Google noget til, at man skjuler overskrifter i <nav> tags for at undgå, at de får undefined i html5 outline? Jeg kan se at selv W3C bruger dette trick. Men er det noget Google ser ned på?

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Jeg er igang med at undersøge diverse SEO tools som searchmetrics, Raven tools osv. I den forbindelse stødte jeg på open source alternativet SeoPanel (

Er der nogen der har erfaring med SeoPanel? Kan det bruges?

Det ser umiddelbart interessant ud, og da det er open source kunne man jo lave lidt småforbedringer og designændringer selv.
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