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Internet Hacker Danger!

Maybe not that scary, but probably should check your computer just in case: me on PBS explaining about the DNS Changer Trojan Horse (see also:
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Emery, you look great in screen!
Thanks for the info. Dr. Berger. If it wasn't enough trouble to have a physical body, now I've got to worry about Estonians getting into my stuff. Albert just sent me a mail being circulated around his office that Google is going to begin charging for service unless you click onto some sight and sign in before July. (Get me a pencil, I'm leaving the cyberworld and going back to the caves!) Have you heard any such news about Google? Mariona just got her account cancelled without warning because it said she was under-aged. Now she can't access her account.
Anyway, you look very fine on television. Very natural.
No, Google is definitely not charging for normal service. Yet another scam. However, they do restrict their services to users who are 13 years old and up for legal reasons (in the US).
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