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Small Changes I'm Making To Become A More Ethical Consumer
For the longest time, I bought everything blindly. I would buy makeup based on what had the cutest packaging and whichever body lotion had a recognisable brand name. It was only when I started following more vegan and cruelty free bloggers that I started to...

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Surviving Maternity Leave Boredom
Before I got pregnant, I had quite an active lifestyle. I worked nights in a takeaway shop so I was used to being on my feet for hours on end. I loved going for long walks and hitting the gym for a workout. One thing I have struggled with in this pregnancy ...

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Killerton House
I am a huge fan of stately homes and castles. There is something wonderful about wandering around these houses looking at the luxurious interiors and imagining all the people who lived there before. There is always so much thought that has gone into each ro...

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Why Have Big Bloggers Gone So Quiet?
Blogging and YouTube are incredible platforms that allow us to share everything from our holiday plans to our favourite perfume with hundreds (sometimes thousands, maybe even millions) of people. But, as much I love to read a good monthly favourites post, I...

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Cheeky Makeup and Skincare Haul
There are a few different situations that call for investing in a whole new makeup bag and your graduation is definitely one of them. I mean, it almost makes all those years of studying worth it when you walk into Superdrug and tell yourself you can have an...

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25 Week Pregnancy Update
For someone who hasn't even written a pregnancy announcement post, jumping straight into a 25 week update seems a little strange. But I felt like I had left it a little late to do an announcement since I have announced it on social media months ago. But, in...

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Life Lessons I Learnt At University
After 3 years of all-nighters in the library, bluffing my way through seminars, and a diet wholly consisting of Lidl bakery goodies, I can officially say that I have a BA in English Literature! I would like to thank my friends, my family, and - most importa...

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Escaping The Cycle Of Throwaway Fashion
If I calculated the amount I spend on clothes in a year, I think it'd make me turn green in the face. The problem is that I'm addicted to throwaway fashion. I love a bargain. I buy something knowing that in a couple of months it'll probably be heading towar...

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Exploring Devon's Coastline
There are many things in Britain that are pretty much guaranteed. Queues, a Greggs on every corner, and someone trying to push a cup of tea on you are just a handful of examples. What cannot be guaranteed is the weather. Planning a day out in Britain is lik...

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Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone This Summer
  Sometimes in life, things can get in the way of us being happy. Sometimes we can't control these things. I am a firm believer in weathering the storm in order to fully appreciate the sunshine that will inevitably follow. But there are also times when we c...
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