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I made myself a new website again, cause I didn't like my previous one. I'm also putting Universe Pandora on hiatus so I can have time to write and develop the story before I get into page-making.
Principa Rerum will continue though (altough it may be a while until I can get new pages out), and I'm going to update my new website and blog with updates on my progress, concepts, sketches, maybe a sneak peek or even a practice comic, art, maps, profiles, info and other such stuff :3

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I thought Principa Rerum oughta have it's own page too, soo I created one :B

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Oh yes, I haven't posted about my new little comic here, have I?

The comic is called Principa Rerum (latin for "elements", plain and simple) and involves fuzzy made-up animals I call orenuks, six elements (fire, water, air, earth, lightning and heart (/life)), a dying world, godesses (and one god!) and six characters - each having some powers relating to each element, who wakes up in a snowy place and then have to survive. Yep.

There's more to it of course, but that would be spoilery :B

Also, happy new year everyone! :D

I really should connect the twitter and facebook to UP's G+ page instead of my personal profile, but maan I'm just too lazy D:

I'd really want to connect my twitter to my profile though, and the facebook page to the G+ page, but I sorta have to use twitter as a landing pad inbetween cause last I checked G+ can't be connected directly to facebook.


First my school laptop just disappears without anyone telling me anything, for some "repairs" or whatever (there were nothing even wrong with it). And now I got it back, and all my programs, files and everything is wiped out.

Thank fucking god i had most of my school projects saved on google documents, and not on the harddrive like one teacher tried to make me. Ugh, hate this sad excuse for a school .___.

Ugh, and now I'm just supertired.

I would maybe play some Skyrim, but ugh, I've just become a vampire there, and now I'm all hungry and everyone hates me and attacks me on sight, even my companion Uthgerd ;n;

And I tried to go feed on some people, but they never sleep, unless some times were they slept but there's some others in the same room that are awake >.<

I'm trying to cure it, but I need a filled black soul gem. I have the gem, but the "trap soul" spell is too high level for me <.<

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