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Emeka Okoye
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Emeka Okoye

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Linked Open Election Framework for Publishing Election Data and Results in Structured Formats
Author: Emeka Okoye Topics: Election , HTML , Linked Open Data , Ontology , Machine Readable Data , Schema.Org Situation analysis In most part of the world, there is hardly any freely available database of political election results in existence. This is be...
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Emeka Okoye

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Linked Open Election Framework Implementation Guide for Nanotation
How to Publish Election Data in Nanotation . Subjects: Election , Linked Data , Semantic Web , Turtle Introduction: This guide will show you how to implement the Linked Open Election Data using Nanotation and the Linked Election Framework. This guide assume...
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Cool. Michael Jackson would love this. #MichaelJackson   #Thriller  
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Could just imagine the amount of coding involved to get them to mimic the dance steps. 
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Interesting read on how technology is disrupting News and News business models without changing any elements of Journalism. #StructuredData   #StructuredJournalism   #DataJournalism   #Journalism   #MethodJournalism   #News  
The older I get, the more I find myself revisiting the past. One of my most played iTunes songs is Buffalo Springfield's "Stop, Hey, What's That Sound," the Stephen Stills classic that became a Vietnam War protest song in my college years. In rereading The Kingdom and the Power during the Jill Abramson brouhaha, [...]
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Excellent post on semantic seo and semantic search. #SemanticSearch #SemanticSEO
Question about the use of markup to identify tracking phone numbers:

The use of tracking phone numbers has become a thorn in the side of many-a-Local search campaign (businesses with brick and mortar locations) because of how they can muddy the water for the cluster of information for a given business within the Local search ecosystem.  They are helpful for assessing campaign success, but their presence can negatively impact Local search performance  I realize there are existing creative solutions (and services) for using tracking phone numbers, and other alternative methods of tracking, but those options are for another conversation.  What I'm looking to know is if anyone has ever proposed an extension to the ContactPointOption ( for designating a call tracking phone number.  This would allow search engines to better understand the difference between phone numbers that are used for tracking purposes in marketing efforts, and direct/landline numbers.  This could potentially result in a cleaner Local ecosystem if it prevented tracking numbers from negatively affecting the integrity of a business' authoritative cluster of business information.  I did some looking around and didn't find anything in the public vocab discussions regarding this yet, but I could have missed something.  Does anyone have any insight? is a set of extensible schemas that enables webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages for use by search engines and other applications.
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This startup has answers for Travel & Hospitality challenges experienced by users. They are using Semantic Web. #SemanticWeb   #Web30   #Travel   #DigitalAssitant   #Travel   #startup  
Disparaging remarks from a Google director about the potential of the semantic web in the mainstream prompted Milan Stankovic to found Sépage.
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Emeka Okoye

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Sample Nanotation on Election Data and Results
Sample Nanotation on Election Data . Nanotation,also known as micro Turtle , that describes an election that was held on the 21st of june 2014 in Nigeria is as follows: {

@prefix schema: .
@prefix election: .

a schema:NewsArticle, election:Po...
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Emeka Okoye

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Linked Open Election Framework Implementation Guide for HTML5 + Microdata
How to Embed Election Data in HTML using HTML5, Microdata and Linked Data . Subjects: Election , Linked Data , HTML5 , Semantic Web , HTML , Microdata Introduction: This guide will show you how to implement the Linked Open Election Data using HTML5, Microda...
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Thanks :)
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Excellent article on how technology can unbundle retail banking. #banking   #MobileMoney   #RetailBanking   #technology   #strategy  
Commercial banks have begun to unbundle as tech seeks to as Marc Andreessen puts it, “reinvent the entire thing”.
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Emeka Okoye

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How to Create an API Listing Nigerian States or Local Government Areas
How to Create an API for listing Nigerian States and Local Government Area using Linked Data from the Web of Data . Subjects: API , Linked Data , Nigeria , Local Government Areas of Nigeria , States of Nigeria Situation Analysis: Mfoniso Ossom (https://www....
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An internet connected speaker with smart agent capabilities from Amazon. This their second smart agent product. This information appliance is powered by semantic web technology. Using voice search, it can query Amazon music library, radio stations, Wikipedia, etc. #SemanticWeb #SmartAgent #VoiceSearch #SemanticSearch #web30 #amazon #music
Amazon has a new product that doesn't really have any current equivalent form any other tech company – a connected speaker called Echo that's always-on,..
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+Jesse Oguntimehin asked if the TV experience could be changed with data. I answered with the following solutions:

Solution 1.

- Convert TV programmes into machine readable formats like RDF, CSV, JSON
- setup desired programming times on phone calendar
- Create a native app (android or IOS) that has a module that can interface to an Infra Ray (IR) connection
- use Yo! API to use calendar events to change to desired tv channels.

Solution 2.

- repeat the first 3 steps
- develop or integrate a Virtual Personal Assistant to change TV channels at the set up times.

#tv #linkeddata #yo #vpa #PersonalAssistant #innovation #idea

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+Chikere Ezeh thats interesting. Once you can represent real world entities with data, you will end up having endless possibilities :)
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Mobile and Semantic Web Developer, Technologist and Evangelist
J2me, Android, RDF, Visual Basic, ASP, SQL, JS, PHP, Perl, OWL, REST, Big Data, Open Data, Linked Data, Business Intelligence, NoSQL, Ontology, Mobile Agric, Mobile Health, NLP, SPARQL, RIM, SDLC, Agile, SOA, BPM, OOP, HTML, Mobile Money, Mobile Banking, Mobile Payment
  • OpenDataNG
    Founder/Consultant, 2013 - present
    - Crafting and implementing Open Data policy, capacity building strategy and Open Data application development for public and private organizations - Help organizations to open, model and publish their data - Provide Open Data advisory service from a technical, administrative and organizational perspective to organizations - Smart City application development - Plan and deploy integrated, end-to-end mobile solutions and services for Governments - Implementing mobile governance for a country, state or local government
  • International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)
    Consultant, 2014 - present
    - Digital Strategist and Technology Consultant for the Hala Nigeria Story Challenge and CodeforNigeria (CfNigeria) program - Recruitment of technology mentors to help teams - Co-management of mentors and their interaction with Hala finalist teams, to develop data-driven stories into interactive media packages - Help package / preview team pitches prior to the jury evaluations - Recruitment of embed technologists and the core CfNigeria support lab team
    Co-Founder & CTO, 2010 - present
    To assure the successful execution of Next2's business mission through development and deployment of Next2's technology infrastructure via envisioning the service offerings as a social network based business, leading implementation of mobile applications, and planning for risk and growth globally.
  • Vikantti Nigeria Limited
    CEO, 2006 - present
    -Chief Operating officer -Head Software Development -Provide strategic technical consulting for clients. -Software Architect (Technical Analysis and design) -Translate user/business requirements into design specs and documentation -Technology Evangelist on Mobile, Social Media and the Semantic Web
  • Music In Africa
    Semantic Web Architect, 2012 - 2014
    -Responsible for architecture of a semantic based music search and discovery product. Researches, analyzes, and recommends technologies to develop new and enhance existing systems to support the semantic application. -Perform semantic data modeling using Resource Description Framework (RDF) Schema (RDFS) and OWL based technologies. -Create and maintain semantic data models using OpenLink Virtuoso and RDFS tools. -Provide search and user experience support for semantic information infrastructure that will allow content analysis and data modeling, information curation, governance, and quality control services
    Mobile Product Manager, 2011 - 2014
  • OpenLink Software
    Country Manager West Africa, 2001 - 2005
    Co-Founder & CTO, 1996 - 2001
  • Soft Solutions Limited Nigeria
    Software Architect/Analyst/Programmer, 1994 - 1996
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Accra, Ghana - Liverpool - Pretoria
A creative, visionary technologist and evangelist that is passionate about Mobile Tech, Semantic Web and Open Data and how they could be use to bring more progress to Africa.
I am the CEO of Vikantti Software and co-founder/CTO of Next2Us geo-based topic driven social classified network for emerging markets. 

I am a Software Engineer with over 17 years of progressive experience in Web, Enterprise & Mobile Software development and Project Management.

I am innovative, visionary and a creative technologist with deep understanding of the full spectrum of data, ebusiness, Enterprise Architecture, Social media, Mobility, and Semantic Web related technologies.

I graduated as a Geologist in 1990 but passionate about software engineering, I built Nigeria’s first banking website (IBTC, 1996) and Internet Banking app (IBTC, 1997), co-founded one of Nigeria’s earliest startup and built the biggest Nigerian Portal (, 1997), was the Project Manager/Lead Architect of Nigeria’s first E-commerce Project in 2000 (FSB Bank, Valucard, UPS & Xerox, 2000).

I was listed in Africa's top 20 Technology Influencers by IT News Africa in 2013, named among the 2011 Ten Most Influential Technology People in Nigeria by,  listed among the 20 most influential people in technology in 2012 . and Top 20 Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, Mobile Banking and Mobile Money influencers in Social Media by (2012).

I also love music, support Liverpool FC and love video games.
Bragging rights
My knowledge and understanding of Mobile technology, Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web is very deep. I know how "Network of connected users", "Communities of trust" or Mobile Social will play out in Africa re. Linked Open Data, Payments, Commerce, Banking and Digital media consumption. I also understand the application of mobile technologies in each of the vertical markets, social behaviours across the spectrum, deep knowledge of the mobile ecosystems in Africa.
  • University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
    Geology, 1986 - 1990
  • Federal Government College Ido-Ani Ondo State Nigeria
    WASC, 1981 - 1986
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Why the internet of things could destroy the welfare state | Technology ...

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Linked Open Data Nigeria (LOD-NG): Big Data at the Nigerian Movies

Using Big Data and Natural Language Processing techniques to query the Global Graph for Nigerian Movies and Actors.

Linked Open Data Nigeria (LOD-NG): Dataset: West African Examination Cou...

Description: Results of the West African Examination Council Examination in Nigeria . Country: Nigeria Download: RDF/Turtle dump Feb 1 2014

Linked Open Data Nigeria (LOD-NG): Dataset: Nigerian Government Budgets ...

Description: Nigeria Government Budgets For Education . Country: Nigeria Download: RDF/Turtle dump Feb 1 2014 (5kb) , RDF/XML. License: ODC

Linked Open Data Nigeria (LOD-NG): Dataset: Edo State Food Centers

Description: Edo State Food Centers . Country: Nigeria Download: RDF/Turtle dump Jan 7 2014 (107kb) , RDF/XML. License: ODC Public Domain De

Linked Open Data Nigeria (LOD-NG): Dataset: State of Nigerian Universiti...

Description: State of Nigerian Universities 2012 . Country: Nigeria Download: RDF/Turtle dump Jan 7 2014 (7kb) , RDF/XML. License: ODC Publi

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