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Medicine & IT

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Anybody know of any way to offline cache the All Access library on a computer? It would be really nice if you could do this like you can on Spotify. (see link)

I've been looking for the IT and medicine minded! Looks like I've found my people! I have a couple ideas I'll throw up here in the coming week. Thanks for the invite!

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#ifihadglass  I'd start working on hands-free intraoperative medical imaging for surgeons while scrubbed in. CTs, MRIs, XRs. No hands.

Does anybody know if there are plans for a smaller version of the Xperia Z? It looks beautiful and I'd try it even though it's not a Nexus device, especially given Sony's involvement in the community as of late. But the size increase from my GNex to my Nexus 4 was enough for me, I don't think I can stand a phone any bigger. Any thoughts? +Sony Xperia +Sony Xperia ™ - Sony Mobiles  #xperiaz  

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