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10th Holistic Doctor Found Murdered In Her Home. Controversial Connections Are Surfacing
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Breaking News: Germany’s Agricultural Minister Moves to Ban GM Crops.
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Someone posted this on Facebook and said people could share it. It’s really great: Pro Vaxxer-  You are going to kill your children. You are going to kill my children. You – Since I will not discuss this with anyone who has not done their due diligence…
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Nagalase and the links to vaccines and chronic diseases — Health & Wellness —
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Mercury exposure linked to homosexuality: Contaminated birds exhibit unusual same-sex behavior.
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Red Ice Radio – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Hour 1 – Why You Should Say NO to Vaccines.
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US media blackout: France oppose vaccines « Jon Rappoport’s Blog.
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Vaccination: A Global Medical Experiment Without Informed Consent | Vaccination Information Network.
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GcMAF, Nagalase and the Immune System.
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"You know, like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills... "
  • Earth
    1 - present
    Riding unicorns, Scorning dragons, Braiding faeries hair
  • Starshower Art
    Artist, present
    I make abstract art and write fiction, poetry, prose-articles and little musings - mostly with a spiritual or fantasy / cosmic style even when referencing everyday life.I live with a cat in a cave carved into the side of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. I scribble and transmute to both the sounds of purring and of silence. I mostly leave only to forage for edibles or to meet both squirrels and bears for tea. My goal is to one day be able to share in learning with any of the animals in the forest. My inspiration comes from the monsters under everyone's bed, and the faeries which flutter around my synaesthete head. Hobbies include people talking, spirit walking, and directing sunlight. Keep up to date with my work with free samples or prints and other merch @
  • Inspire Art
    Artist / Activist, present
    Inspire Art was first created as a movement to support the fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking. It's grown into a worldwide community of artists, thinkers, art-lovers and political activists. If you are a visual artist, writer, or musician, please contribute. It's arewarding experience and an open atmosphere of art and learning. Art fans are just as welcome. If you are an art lover please feel free to join us at our Facebook group: See Inspire Art and learn more at the following sites - Inspire Art galleries: Sarah Fimm's Everything Becomes Whole - A Portal To Inspire:
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September 9, 1980
Just another sine plane dancing as a wave.
Bragging rights
Living with Fibromyalgia (debilitating chronic pain / exhaustion condition) - usually staying fairly positive anyway.
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L'Asphalte Chaude, by Xarah Dion

from the album LE MAL NÉCESSAIRE


Avant-Guarded. Macaulay Hopwood and Roberta Fidora


Avant-Guarded. Macaulay Hopwood and Roberta Fidora


Avant-Guarded. Macaulay Hopwood and Roberta Fidora

Deep Cuts

from the album My Body Is Not A Temple

Global Fear Decreasing As False Flags And Crisis Actors Exposed

There is an old saying which states; “You can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time, and ALL of the people SOME of the time, but you can’t

Disparition Fantome

Purveyors of minimal synth, cosmic disco, wave (cold/new), dream/gaze pop, and futuristic music

Spring Crown

I know you before you are here. Meteoroids dendriting into your centre. Red flesh beating, lotusing to beam your corona. I know me before yo

Exploring Cern: There is no such thing as "the god particle"

Creation can't be confined to a particle. Own your own divine spirit. A very comprehensive site about Cern. Outstanding articles are A ± sym

Breathing All

Breathe me strength while I breath you calm and together we’ll breathe duality and unity to dawn. - ©


Relaxing, meditative, classical, experimental music and binaural beats.


Bjork, Mercury's Antennae, Shield Patterns, Computer Magic and other artists.

Body Plaza

Body Plaza 12 track album by Vandalaze(7 original, 5 remixes) is strictly limited to 50 hand signed units. Comes as a CD-R with custom print


Seattle electronic duo NAVVI is built on duality. Producer Brad Boettger and vocalist Kristin Henry first formed over a common goal: making


Pop music from Lamb, Blue Hawaii, Minuit Machine and others.