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Barclay's Premier League  - 
Karius set to start against Hull

Kind of feel for Miggy as he's not really done too much wrong this season and I didn't think Karius had an outstanding game against Derby. Nevertheless, this looks like Klopp's desired number 1 so let's hope he has a great one or, ideally, a really quiet composed game...
Simon Mignolet benched again as young German will make his Anfield debut on Saturday
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Migs still put Lucas under a hell of a lot of pressure with that pass against Leciester which led to the goal. Im still not convinced with Mignolet to be honest and his distribution is shocking.
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Eman Zaman

LIVE - Match Centre  - 
Chelsea 1 - 2 LFC: Match commentary from Live Events

Now with the correct score (thank you +Pradeep Purohit)! Join us in the Live Match Event every match to post your thoughts on the match as it progresses. Watch out for the post from +Tim Sleppy (or another member of the crew) on the day of the match...
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I created it; my brother is a photographer so he took some of the shots for the match that we went to. This one was done by scouring through various websites for higher resolution pics...
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Eman Zaman

Other Football News  - 
Thank you to Dirk Kuyt, Brad Jones and the whole LFC team for a perfect couple of days!

Once a red...
Kuyt captained Feyenoord against United - and Brad Jones kept a clean sheet
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My all-time favorite Red
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Eman Zaman

Barclay's Premier League  - 
Looking forward to seeing Hendo v Costa

How this guy hasn't been sent off every single game this season is beyond me...
Reds boss calls for controlled show of aggression against free-scoring Spain international
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kgd lfc
Thanks man !!!
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Eman Zaman

Other Football News  - 
A tale of two ex-LFC managers...

Rodgers: Lost 7-0 against Barca...
Rafa: Won 6-0 against QPR...

EDIT: It is not my intention to compare; I thought it was just interesting with the massive scorelines at the same time of day for two ex-LFC managers...
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+Shaun Hopkinson and remember Rodgers barely held a 3 goal lead 2 times in the playoff round and got dominated to be'er Sheva. Almost did Liverpool palace 3-3 all over again 
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Eman Zaman

Other L.F.C. News  - 
Klopp asks fans not to sing his name until the game has been decided

"When I speak about this, I have to say because I have no idea about who I could say [it to], please don’t sing my name before the game is decided. Immediately when the Kop started singing ‘Jürgen Klopp’, they [Leicester] were alone in front of Simon Mignolet. It’s a little bit like celebrating a penalty before you’ve scored. I don’t play, but if they like me, it’s nice – I like them all. But please don’t sing my name before the game is decided. It was the same at Arsenal. It’s something that depends on each other – it’s nice but not necessary. It would be really nice if they could stop this."
Liverpool's impressive display in beating Premier League champions Leicester City 4-1 is the level that Jürgen Klopp wants to see from his team in every game.
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Imagine if our defence was so tight that a lead was pretty much game over. Fans celebrating would be a killer blow to the opposition. That would be a fortress
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Eman Zaman

Domestic Cups - FA Cup & League Cup  - 
Derby 0 - 3 LFC [EFL Cup] Post-match discussion

Now THIS is how you win a match. Loved that the team didn't take this lightly and even after 3 we were pressing for another. Good performances from the lads although Can looked a little rusty. Good to see Ejaria get his debut.

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I didn't think so either
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Eman Zaman

Players - Transfer Talk, Injury Updates, Analysis & News  - 
Not an injury to Studge after all; he'd lost his legs and we needed more pace up front... interesting

Sturridge went into the tunnel after giving his teammates on the bench high-fives following the substitution...
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+Si Davies That's a good point; he just maybe needs to take care of himself more than others
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Eman Zaman

Barclay's Premier League  - 
Chelsea 1 - 2 LFC [EPL] Post-match discussion

Nervous moments as a fan watching the last part of the match but, on reflection, we controlled most of the game and they never really looked like scoring apart from that one goal that came out of the blue. Oh, and one more thing... WHAT. A. GOAL. !.

Your thoughts please!
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We can play well against top teams... I hope we can break down lower teams (no disrespect to them) too... 
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Eman Zaman

Players - Transfer Talk, Injury Updates, Analysis & News  - 
Gomez should be back in training late October

Still a long way to go, but this lad looked highly promising at the beginning of last year. Fingers crossed he comes back looking just as good...
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Fantastic news although I assume he'll do a few months in u23 just like ings. Think this kid is a real talent
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Eman Zaman

Barclay's Premier League  - 
Liverpool 4 - 1 Leicester: LFC Fans' Community video

Finally finished putting together pics and videos from a memorable visit to Anfield last Saturday. Includes footage of the Main Stand's Carlsberg Dugout area - if you want to use these tickets for future home games then let me know!

PS If you like the video, then please click/view the ads to help this community!
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Finally watched it. The staduim really changed from when I was there 3 years ago. I sat across from u just above the Liverpool scoreboard when they played man city +Eman Zaman
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Had to write a review because of the superb experience at this restaurant this evening. In a nutshell: the food was delicious; the price very reasonable (especially considering it's location), and the service was incredible. My friend and I arrived just after 6 pm and had about a 20-minute wait (no booking unless 6 people), but this simply flew by because of the best service I have EVER experienced. Every single member of the staff was smiling and helpful (plus every single one called me by name - great touch); we had some complementary chai whilst we waited outside and then sat at the bar once inside and waiting for our table. Once escorted to our table from the bar we were helpfully taken through the menu and offered recommendations. The food (prawn starter, boti kebab, dhall) arrived promptly, and was delicious. Despite the place heaving (it does get loud in there) we never felt rushed and felt relaxed at all times. Not a single downside to the experience - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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I am not a huge fan of fish'n'chips... but this was absolutely delicious! They use palm oil (a vegetable oil) to fry; the fish has crispy batter and the chips had lots of flavour. The best thing is that they fry the fish separately to sausages etc, so great for those where this is a problem.
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