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Em Ji Madhu
A Web Designer and GFX Artist...
A Web Designer and GFX Artist...


Hey guys I'm new to shuttle.. using it for the past week.. its wonderful.. I have few issues but I'm not sure it's a bug or that's the way it works?

1) Adding files to playlist - say for example adding a song from list view and queqe works fine.. but when I add song from now playing screen will add the whole library.. is it a bug?

2) Adding artist image and info manually - Adding artists image manually works good for allbum types.. but for a motion picture album, there should be multiple artists in a single album, the option to edit artist info includes with artist name and genre and year.. the value changes in these fields changes every song in the album.. so for multiple artist album, I can't use it.. so if there is a option to select fields which can be edited and applied to songs is good.. so for example, I want to change album art and album name but I don't want to change other fields cause it will affect other songs in the album too.. same thing goes for artist page and album page editing..

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XOSP Updated

Added Xperia Lockscreen and upstream changes..

full credits goes to +说故事的人
Redmi Note 4G Roms
Redmi Note 4G Roms

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Here is Blisspop ROM without any chinesse app.. There is only one app will be present which is keyboard.. Remove it if you want to once you are in...

Full credits goes to Moonlight.. I just removed the apps..

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Custom ROMs for our Device

Hello everyone, here i created a webpage to index every custom ROM was released in this group for easy access..

Recently Updated ROMs
1) PureNexus MM - 08 Apr 2016
2) Temasek MM - 08 Apr 2016
3) CyanogenMOD 13 - 08 Apr 2016
4) BrokenOS MM - 02 Apr 2016
5) Beanstalk MM - 30 Mar 2016
6) XOSP MM - 10 Apr 2016

Recently Added ROMs
3) BeanStalk MM
4) BrokenOS MM
5) FlyMeOS LP
6) LiquidSmoothROM LP
7) LiquidSmoothROM MM
8) Team Orion OS MM
9) SlimLP
10) SudaMOD MM
11) Temasek MM
12) XenonHD LP

List of Marshmallow ROMs
3) BeanStalk
4) BrokenOS
5) CyanogenMOD
6) LiquidSmooth ROM
7) Mokee
8) Team Orion
9) PureNexus ROM
10) ResurrectionRemix
11) SudaMOD
12) Temasek
13) XOSP

List of Lollipop ROMs
3) Blisspop
4) CyanogenMOD
5) FlyMeOS
6) LiquidSmoothROM
7) MinimalOS
8) Pac ROM
9) SlimLP
10) SudaMOD
11) XenonHD

Note: This post is only for sharing purpose. I have included download link and original post link in the webpage of almost every rom. So if you have any doubts or bug report about a rom, post in appropriate original post. If you can't find original post link in the webpage that means developer didn't post exclusively. So in that case, post your query or bug report in discussion page (link given below)..

warning: It is strictly prohibited to post your queries or bug report in this main forum.. So all your queries and bug report goes in the discussion forum (Link given above).. If anyone, doesn't co-operate they will be BANNED without any notice..

List of Contributors
1) +W. AudaHadi
2) +Faheem Kamal
3) +Wang Hao Yang
4) +suhas kamath
5) +Stanislav Vlašic
6) +说故事的人
7) Bubble
8) +Msf Console
9) +Shubham Karande
10) +Ashish Kotnala
11) +Em Ji Madhu

Thank you all.. May the force be with you all..
Redmi Note 4G Roms
Redmi Note 4G Roms

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If anyone on PurNexis rom and want to apply themes.. Install Layers Manager.. There are two variants, Layers supported Nexus rom and CM Theme supported Nexus rom, so ours is layers variant.. Good luck..
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