Not Just any Medical Center in El Paso

When you need surgery, you don’t want to trust just any medical center in El Paso.  Fortunately, you do not have to. El Paso Speciality Hospital is renowned for the care and skill of our surgical staff. We have done so many surgical procedures to help patients that you can rest assured we have the skills and experience to perform every procedure to the highest quality medical standards. 

El Paso Speciality Hospital is a physician-owned medical center in El Paso that was named the 32nd best physician owned hospital throughout the entirety of the United States.  We have been recognized with awards because of the past surgical procedures performed by our physicians. We were 5-star recipients in 2014 for spinal fusion surgery, total knee replacement, and total joint replacements and we received excellence awards for these surgical procedures. We also received a national quality approval from The Joint Commission. 

When you go to a medical center in El Paso for surgery, the success of your procedure is going to depend in part on how much experience and skill the surgeons have. At El Paso Speciality Hospital, you will be cared for by a surgeon who is performed many similar procedures in the past. Your surgeon has the skills and experience necessary to offer top-notch medical treatment. 

Do not be afraid to get the surgery that you need to resolve your joint problems or to handle your other medical issues. Come to our medical center in El Paso today to learn about the care that we provide and to see what El Paso Speciality Hospital can do for you.  Give us a call today to set up your appointment and start on the path to recovery.1755 Curie Drive, Suite A  El Paso, TX 79902. (915) 544-3636
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