The Importance of Neck And Spine Care In El Paso
Neck and spine care in El Paso is important because many people in this city suffer from chronic back pains stemming from the neck and spine.  When people experience neck and back problems, it is affects everything they do on a daily basis. If this is you, you’ll need to find a facility that specializes in neck and spine care in El Paso. These are some of the surgical procedures that are performed to treat these issues.
Anterior Cervical Discectomy of the Neck
For people that have a herniated disc in the neck, or have a disc that is degenerating, the surgery to remove that problem is called an anterior cervical discectomy.  Once the problem disc is removed, the bones of the neck are fused together with a bone graft. 
Cervical Fusion Surgery of the Neck
Cervical fusion surgery is a procedure that takes certain bones of the neck and fuses them together. The fusion can be done with a bone graft, a metal plate, or a metal implant. 
Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion of the Spine
When discs in the back start degenerating, the patient  suffers a lot of pain in the lower back and legs.  In order to stop the pain, surgery is performed to stabilize those failing discs with a bone graft that will then meld the vertebrae.
Kyphoplasty of the Spine
Osteoporosis is when the density of the bones begins to deteriorate. The bones in the spine can also start to deteriorate and cause fractures. A kyphoplasty is a surgical procedure used in neck and spine care in El Paso that will help stabilize those fractures and this will help make the spine straight. Once the spine is straight, the surgery will stop the pain and help restore mobility.
If you need neck and spine care in El Paso, El Paso Specialty Hospital is ready and waiting to offer pain management services.  El Paso Specialty Hospital is located at 1755 Curie Drive Suite A and our phone number is (915) 242-441. 
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